Notice – About the file

As many of you have seen by now, my site is prompting you to download a file… The good news is that the file is not harmful and my site has most likely not been hacked. My host, dreamhost, had a server issue yesterday and many sites were down, including mine. My site is up now but something they did messed with my backup plugin so that my backup file became visible to you. I have contacted them and hopefully this will be solved soon. Thank you for reading at my site, I apologize for all the trouble it has been having lately. Switching to dreamhost has been a nightmare.

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  1. I noticed the file…so how could I read the next chapter since it would’nt load after the prompt to download the file?

    1. It´s fixed now. If there are any problems in the future, you can read the novel on my wattpad account @LeoTranslations. However as long as my site is working well, I encourage people to read here as wattpad itself seems to have some problems recently and sometimes doesn´t show new updates to readers.

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