No update

I won’t be able to update this week. I apologize for the late notice, I really thought I would be able to do it.

My fatigue syndrome all of a sudden got worse, I probably did too much during the holiday. I’m usually down at 20%, but now I’m most likely closer to 5~3%.

The reason I thought I could do it was because I set aside enough time, but you have to understand that my fatigue directly affects my efficiency. It’s a bit like my brain is constantly tried and slow, it almost feels like my IQ drops.

Right now I have to go over the same sentence about twenty times before I’m satisfied with the translation. My brain grabs one word, then loses the previous one, it just can’t do it at the moment. Sorry.

3 thoughts on “No update

  1. You should not worry about that, instead rest, rest is very necessary for the mind and body.
    Get well soon !!( ๑>ω•́ )۶

    P.S. ♡೫åρρч ηєω чåєЯ♡

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