No update

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to update this week.

I have a bit of a fever and it is really slowing things down. I thought I would be able to finish and just publish a bit late, but it is taking a little longer than expected and at this point, I don’t want to continue pushing my body. (With a potentially deadly virus out there, this really isn’t the time for my usual hubris. ^^||) 

8 thoughts on “No update

  1. Ingen fara. (^_^) Ta det lugnt och krya på dig! Hälsan går först och uppdateringar kan vänta. Jag älskar den här berättelsen och väntar gladeligen så länge som behövs! (≧◡≦) Hoppas du kan sätta dig ute och njuta lite av solskenet. Youtube och netflix är din vän. ( ̄^ ̄) *nodnod*

  2. Oh god. Please please please rest. Don’t worry about translating, worry about your health first. Stay strong and healthy!

    1. Unfortunately, it’s hard to get tested here. (The symptoms would need to be severe, hospital severe.) Can only rest for now and pray that isn’t the case. (。-∀-)

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