Leo, this elusive creature, lives for fluff and stories. It stands to reason that fluffy stories are the perfect bait.

As a writer and translator, this creature spends most of its time surrounded by letters, with its loyal fluffball Saffran by its side to nourish it with fluff.

When translating, the Leo relies on mtl and dictionaries along with its mystical knowledge of Chinese. When writing, it relies on its innate fantasy and fluff-fueled madness.

In complete contradiction to its fierce nature, the Leo has a weak disposition, prone to fevers and colds. Effort has been made to catch and preserve this near-instinct creature but to no avail. Deterrence to writing has been just as unsuccessful.

If you want to support the Leo and our preservation efforts, you can buy it a coffee on our Ko-fi account, there are some fun stuff there as well so make sure to check it out. The Leo also has a twitter account where its silly nature shines through, its handle is @FluffingAwesome .