Cub Raising Association

Original title: 幼崽护养协会
Genre: Fantasy, romance, shounen ai, sci-fi
Lenght: 130 chapters
Author: 酒矣
Author’s weibo
Translator: Leo
Editor: Orphire & Esperanza
Translated from: Chinese


Xie Tao had always believed in science until one day, a meteorite smashed into his yard, forcing him to bind to a heroic world saving script. The worst thing was that the script didn’t even follow common sense.

Others became superheros while he becomes a super-nanny. So in his left hand is a “Cub Encyclopedia” and in his right, is a small milk bottle to feed the tiny cub clinging onto his leg.

Today, Xie Tao is also trying his best to save the world.

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Saving the world by being a nanny?

Chapter 2: Applying for employment

Chapter 3: Complaining is a sign of kidney deficiency

Chapter 4: This is not a Takila cub at all, fake!

Chapter 5: Golden finger online

Chapter 6: Figuring out golden finger

Chapter 7: Get born soon, ok?

Chapter 8: Breaking the shell

Chapter 9: This place needs a makeover

Chapter 10: Now we just need a gatekeeper

Chapter 11: Ya Yi

Chapter 12: Powerful backing?

Chapter 13: Kuhti cub

Chapter 14: Learning how to fly

Chapter 15: Transformation

Chapter 16: First word

Chapter 17: Into his arms

Chapter 18: Start of a new life

Chapter 19: Tears are salty

Chapter 20: Should not touch

Chapter 21: Resting in your embrace

Chapter 22: Parent or partner?

Chapter 23: Leaving for Orte

Chapter 24: Chasing, but can’t catch up…?

Chapter 25: What happened, did I win?

Chapter 26: Lifting their small chests

Chapter 27: Realizing one’s mistake

Chapter 28: A little bit left, a little bit right

Chapter 29: To Yunbao Branch

Chapter 30: Will new cubs come?

Chapter 31: Four legs facing the sky

Chapter 32: Safekeeping the scale

Chapter 33: Papa

Chapter 34: Best singing voice

Chapter 35: Wrapped around his waist was…

Chapter 36: Ice crystal

Chapter 37: Crooked

Chapter 38: Golden mark

Chapter 39: Flower bud

Chapter 40: Advance Preparation

Chapter 41: Not gonna happen

Chapter 42: Well thrown

Chapter 43: Surpreme Court of the Star Alliance

Chapter 44: Thirteen-Zero

Chapter 45: Nesela festival

Chapter 46: Ar´nas ena

Chapter 47: Moonstone

Chapter 48: Love

Chapter 49: Spiritual realm

Chapter 50: They both love you

Chapter 51: They need a mother and father?

Chapter 52: Adoption

Chapter 53: Application for open assessment

Chapter 54: I will let you stroke it

Chapter 55: They´re useful now

Chapter 56: General Zarad

Chapter 57: Za… Zar- General who?

Chapter 58: A request

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4 thoughts on “Cub Raising Association

  1. Thank you so much for all your time and effort you put into translating, without you I would have never discovered this amazing story~ Or been able to read it. Thank you again so so much, keep your chin up and disregard ungrateful fans. You’re doing enough as is and I adore you for all your effort~

  2. I rarely ever comment on novels but omg this one’s probably the best one I’ve read!! All the fluff and love got my heart going hnnggg!! Thank you for your efforts in translating/editing/posting this absolute gem (TTATT) <3

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