Character page

Hi everyone!

The update will take a little longer, I will probably be done tomorrow or the day after that. But in the meanwhile I have something fun for you, a character page!

I later plan to add all the information we have on them, but for now I have posted all the pictures I have gathered on each and every one of them.

Of course these pictures are only how I imagine the characters to be, so take it with a grain of salt. The Muka cub was especially hard to find pictures of as we get so little information about his appearance and everyone seem to have a different opinion about his appearance.

In some cases I have also added pictures of how the cubs will look when they grow up, which for now are only speculations. For example, I have added three very different pictures of the Takila’s grown beastform, so don’t be thrown when you see it.

I hope you will enjoy it, the link to the character page can be found on the cub raising association page, but for now you can simply click here.

If you have any pictures you think fit the characters, feel free to email it to me by using the contact page. The picture doesn’t have to be your own but I’m really looking forward to fanart as the pictures I have don’t show important characteristics such as the Knox cub’s horn or Xia Qi, the president and Zhao Chuan’s antennas.

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