Notice – About ch 48

As you can see below in the rant, I´m not done fixing with this site. But I wanted to try to post this here as well so that I could reach as many as possible.

God, guys, I’m so sorry. I won’t be able to do a whole chapter this time, even though I said that I would go back to doing whole chapters from now on. 

I have had a lot of trouble setting up my website and it has taken its toll. The domain finished transferring on Monday but I both had trouble importing the site (it only imported random amounts of chapters each time) and with getting the jetpack to work:

(You can skip this rant if you want) 

I constantly got error messages and the jetpack team told me to re-install, but then I got a problem with double users as a result so I had to contact Dreamhost team and we had to delete the one I couldn’t log into which should have been automatically deleted earlier. As a result of that delete all content became error and I had to re-import, but the error content refused to disappear after re-installing the plugin, so had to contact drempress team to delete it which they also found a bit hard because it should have been deleted. The jetpack team said that error message thing was probably a problem on dreampress´ end so I had to go check with them, dreampress denied it, jetpack then asked me to double-check. After they asked me to add code to do a debug check because the error problem wasn’t gone after the earlier re-install, and then after checking the return code they said that there was no problem on their end and that it was a certain inplug’s fault and that I should contact that inplug’s support. The thing is, I only installed that inplug after they told me to as they said that it would fix the error problem!!!!!!!! After I told them that, they agreed and told me to check a WordPress forum to see if I could find the answer to this problem…… sigh…..

(Rant end) 

As you can see, it has been a tough week. Especially since it takes them like three hours to respond each time…. The first two days I was so focused and frustrated that I didn’t sleep at all. Today I also didn’t sleep and was dealing with the website all night as I really wanted it to be ready before this update. But as a result of all this my cold even came back and I was so tired that I fell asleep while translating. 

Anyway, I wanted to ask you. I won’t be able to do the whole chapter, but I could do half by translating through the night (I fell asleep around 18:00 and woke up 23:30, so can translate until morning. I have something tomorrow so I can’t continue after that.), however it will be a really big cliffhanger and the next part would be published next Friday. The alternative is that I don’t do parts and publish the whole chapter next Friday. It will be a longer wait but you will avoid the cliffhanger. What do you guys prefer?

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  1. Eu sou uma pessoa bastante paciente. Se posso esperar pra ver mensais traduções e as esporádicas traduções de arcos completos de FOD. O que é apenas uma semana? Tire esse tempo pra descansar, melhorar e liberar os capítulos que tanto amamos! Obrigada pelo esforço!

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