Bonus update!

I felt a little bad about the late notice last week. Normally I would just have postponed the update until Saturday but as I had an important exam and needed to study, I had to cancel it altogether. Jessie asked if I could do a make up update and as I’m a little more free … Continue reading Bonus update!

No update today

I’m sorry for the late notice. When I got home today I discovered that my cat was hurt. He has probably been in a fight. We are taking him to the vet right now so I will probably be unable to translate today. I will update like usual next Friday. Again, sorry.


I did say that the poll would be open until Thursday. But after a lot of contemplating, I have decided to remove Villian Rehab Plan from my website and not continue to post Bonbon’s translations. The matter became very complicated very fast. It was a bit too much drama for me. My updates were removed … Continue reading Announcement