CRA Chapter 58

Many thanks to Jessie for the coffees, you're amazing! (^з^)-☆ On another note, remember Halloween last year, when I made that short story with those cute pics? I had a really hard time finding out who made them, it turns out they were from t-shirts! There are also plushies to go with them that are … Continue reading CRA Chapter 58

CRA Chapter 57

Happy Halloween! Many thanks to Jessie for the coffees~ 💕 For some reason, Halloween is my favorite holiday. I guess I have a lot of good memories from it, let's see, there is candy, candy, candy, being chased by an angry mob, candy, candy, the amazing feeling of adrenaline, candy, superhero moment, candy, spite lollipop-- … Continue reading CRA Chapter 57

CRA Chapter 55

Is it just me who feels that Xie Tao’s yawns are much more contagious than normal yawns? It sets off a domino of yawns every time I read it. It has really become a problem when translating... Anyway, it has not been thoroughly edited yet, but here is chapter 55~

CRA Chapter 52

I´m not fully done with the chapter, I will publish the rest tomorrow. But if you want to read what I´ve got so far, here is chapter 52~ Btw, guys, my site is now completely fixed. *\(^.^)/*