CRA Chapter 63

Baby muka

The village built next to the mountain could not be called large. After walking around for about half an hour, Xie Luan and Duke had taken in most of the small village.

Lastly, they returned to the area that had been damaged by the collapse of the mountain. As soon as Xie Luan appeared there, several adult mukas came up to him with plates filled with duoluo fruits.

“For me…?” Looking at the many plates presented to him, Xie Luan hesitated a bit and asked this question.

These mukas were obviously residents of the village, but Xie Luan had not seen them before today. So he was somewhat puzzled over why these mukas would give him duoluo fruits.

The appearance of adult mukas and the muka cubs did actually not differ much. To outsiders, it may seem like the only difference was their size. But not to Xie Luan.

He saw the adult mukas, who were a bit bigger than the large baby, not very distinctly nod at him and then issue a low hiss to express their affirmation.

Although he still did not know the reason, Xie Luan still took the things handed to him after hearing their response. As he could not carry this much with his hands, Xie Luan pressed the space button and temporarily put the duoluos in there after receiving them.

Duke was familiar with all the mukas who lived in the village. Seeing the hesitation on the youth’s face, he explained, “The eggs you helped take care of were from several families in the village. They were just gathered in one place to make it easier to nurse them. By now all mukas in the village should know about you coming here to take care of these eggs.”

「Like you」

「Like you」

On the several floating virtual panels, the same two words appeared one after another as if being typed out. Following these words, the mukas in front of Xie Luan made a low sound again.

Even though their eyes were scarlet, it was very easy to feel like they gave off a cruel and ice-cold feeling. It struck fear in people’s hearts. However, these mukas who were making a low hissing sound were certainly not aggressive at all, they were expressing their gratitude and fondness for the youth in front of them.

“Everyone in the village likes you very much. If someone gives you a gift, you can accept it.”

Duke was not surprised by the mukas actions of coming over and giving things to the youth, it was something he had been able to anticipate.

Hearing what he said, Xie Luan lightly nodded his head. He then looked up at the several mukas standing in front of him and slowly thanked the latter.

The cubs of the muka race were very good in Xie Luan’s eyes, and just like the cubs of other races they were lovely. After having arrived at Saina, Xie Luan found that the adult mukas were also very lovely.

This kind of loveliness had nothing to do with appearance. It was reflected by the behavior of these mukas.

After giving their gifts to Xie Luan, these mukas at once left to repair the damaged area together. They started with first removing the remaining pieces of the collapsed mountain that had come down and become a hindrance. All the adult mukas in the village cooperated to do this.

“I’ll also go help.”

The damaged area was in pieces. Xie Luan looked at the collapsed area, at the muka people who were working hard to clear it, and also stepped forward, walking over to see if there was anything he could do to help.

Actually, most of the collapsed things had already been cleared away by machines, leaving only the last part to be disposed of manually.

Xie Luan was still looking around when the nox, who was nestled in his arms, suddenly jumped down.

Seeing the nox change into adult form before his eyes, Xie Luan was slightly stunned and it took a second for him to react.

Immediately after he felt a wave of spiritual power. Xie Luan raised his head and when he did this he saw a dark distortion appear above the collapsed area. It was in the shape of a vortex and was mixed with lighting. It was giving off a sound similar to roaring wind. He could feel an extremely terrifying power coming from within this twisted vortex.

The space was easily torn apart, but this dreadful spiral of terrifying force did not do any damage. It merely drew all the remaining stones and rubbish from the collapsed area into the void and completed the cleaning work all at once.

Once finished, Xie Luan saw the nox turn around and look towards him.

[T/N: I did good, right? (☆ω☆^ ) –Ya Yi]

The nox was especially quiet at this time and did not say a word, he only moved closer to him and slightly tilted his head forward.

For some reason, Xie Luan felt that this nox was asking him for a reward.

He did not know if this feeling of his was right. Xie Luan raised his hand and touched the nox’s soft silver hair.

Almost at the same time, he saw that pair of light cyan eyes slightly close.

It was very good to coax… Xie Luan couldn’t help thinking this way and his heart also inevitably soften a little.

The collapsed area had all of a sudden been properly cleaned up. Aware of who had helped them, the adult mukas in the area approached Xie Luan.

Just like they had done earlier with the youth, these mukas now turned to the nox who stood next to him and expressed their gratitude and fondness of him.

This nox received kindness from more people and the mukas received help. Xie Luan was very glad to see this happen.

As the mukas had no hostility towards the nox race, Ya Yi continued to maintain his adult humanoid form the following days. Meanwhile, Xie Luan attentively took care of the eight eggs every day as he had done before. Conducting spiritual guidance, time passed quickly and the week went by fast.

It would be a long trip this time. Xie Luan occasionally sent back a message to the club during this period, reassuring them that they were safe and sound. While he was at it, he would also update them on his work progress on this planet.

Because of the condition of these eggs, Xie Luan felt that he still needed to stay on this planet for the time being. He was also concerned about the state of this planet.

“How does the baby feel today?” Lifting the egg up high several times, Xie Luan then once again held the egg in his arms and asked this in a warm voice.

Xie Luan was now able to confirm that it was not just his imagination, the egg in his arms really did move after he finished speaking.

The movement was still small, but it was undoubtedly a lot more obvious than it had been at the beginning.

After being taken care of for a week by Xie Luan, all eight eggs in the room were finally completely out of danger. Their life responses were no longer as weak as before and currently were at least relatively easy to detect.

Among the eight, the egg in Xie Luan’s arms was the one with the strongest life response. It could nearly be said to have at last been restored back to a normal level.

Feeling the egg respond to him, Xie Luan’s eyes slightly bent in a smile.

This egg was very energetic, it was not unexpected for it to be born a healthy cub. Xie Luan was naturally very happy about it.

He hoped that these eight cubs would all be healthy after they hatched.

Putting down the most energetic egg, Xie Luan picked up the remaining seven gray eggs one by one and completed today’s spiritual guidance.

It was not only the egg that he had first picked up that would move. Every egg after reacted to a varying degree when he called out to it with spiritual power, this matter was the most gratifying thing for Xie Luan

When he gently put all eight eggs back close to the wall and got ready to leave the room, the egg on the far left, that is to say, the first egg that Xie Luan had just picked up, wiggled restlessly at this time. It then moved, rolling towards Xie Luan in an extremely accurate direction.

Seeing the egg roll to his side, Xie Luan was stunned. He at last knew why he often woke up with an egg in his arms in the morning.

This egg was really energetic.

Xie Luan watched the egg obediently rest beside him after rolling over. Finally, he did not put it back next to the wall, but picked it up.

The egg had rolled over because it wanted to be held, Xie Luan could understand this much.

Being held in his arms, even though it was only an egg, Xie Luan could feel it move again. It was as if the egg was gently snuggling him.

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“When I’m away, you can’t do what you just did. If you fall to the floor, you could get hurt.”

Xie Luan was afraid that the egg would move around like this when he was not there. The bed had no protective guardrail and was not safe.

But the egg could most likely not understand this sentence. Xie Luan touched the eggshell and held this egg in his arms for a long time before putting it back in its original position.

This time, the egg obediently did not move again and Xie Luan left the room temporarily.

In the evening, Xie Luan simply took the initiative to sleep with the egg and the next morning, he was awoken by a nearby crisp “crack”.

Xie Luan opened his eyes in a daze. His mind was not fully awake at this time, but when he heard a “ka” sound again and saw a clear crack on the gray egg in his arms, he was immediately wide awake.

As the cracks spread, a hole was opened up from the inside and a muka cub, not much difference in size from cubs of other races, found her way out from the egg.

Xie Luan had still not responded when this baby muka, who had just hatched and was still small, seemed to move forward to snuggle into his embrace.

This very small newborn who was snuggling the youth did not have much strength yet.

Holding this cub in his arms, Xie Luan was stunned for a while.

Lowering his head to look at the muka cub who could only rest in his embrace, Xie Luan suddenly had a novel feeling, but at the same time there was also a little regret.

When he came to this world, Nick was already six months old and a big baby.

If he had come earlier, there might have been a chance to hold him up like this.


Translator’s note:

I think Xie Luan might have died from cuteness for the first time. I could just picture his soul leaving his body as he was snuggled by the newborn cub.

Btw, I don’t know if we will get to hear the name of the cub, but what do you guys think would be a good name for her? Personally, I’m thinking Dawn. 

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