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In nursing clubs, a cub without parents could be adopted, but it was of course not possible for just anyone to come in and casually adopt one.

First, the adopters needed to meet the general conditions set by the Star Alliance. They had to provide identification and pass the club’s audit before it could be confirmed that they were qualified for adoption.

In addition to the compulsory general conditions, different clubs may have further requirements for adopters. These requirements were all out of consideration for the cubs.

This time Xie Tao received a couple who had specifically traveled all the way from Anhal. They had not chosen to contact them on the starnet first, but to personally visit and speak to them face to face.

To some extent, this could also be seen as showing the other their sincerity.

“Because of my body, my husband and I haven’t been able to conceive a cub for years…” At the beginning of the conversation, the kuwei woman standing opposite Xie Tao looked sideways at her husband and then took the initiative to say this sentence.

Acknowledging that her body had a problem, there was no awkwardness or embarrassment on the young woman’s face. She merely held her fingers together and lightly nodded to the young man in front of her. “That is why we want to adopt.”

The woman slightly paused then continued, “After adopting the cubs, we will always only have the two cubs in our family, there will never be a third. This is a promise I and my husband can make.”

She said this because they had already come across many cases like this where a couple had said that they couldn’t conceive a cub so they wanted to adopt, but after the adoption they had broken their own story.

Once their own cub was born, the adopted cubs were not treated as well as they used to and it was even possible that they were treated with coldness, which was very unfair to the adopted cubs.

Xie Tao have already had Xia Qi audit the identification given by the other and could confirm that the other was qualified for adoption. Now when he heard what the other said, he had to say that he was a little moved.

But there was one thing that made Xie Tao very puzzled.

“Why did you come to Gaia specifically?” Xie Tao observed the expressions of the two opposite people, “There are also many nursing clubs on Anhal, you didn’t have to travel so far to adopt. Moreover, you even decided which ones to adopt before you came, I want to know the reason you chose these two cubs.

They did not seem surprised that Xie Tao asked this question. The kuwei 
woman showed a bright smile and answered, “It’s because I saw these two cubs at the big flying competition, they looked very lovely standing on the stage.”

Actually, all three cubs had been very cute. These three little fluffy cubs had all stood on the podium and received their medals with their tiny chests held high. It had caught Eli’s eye after just a quick glance.

When they later found out that all three cubs stayed at the same nursing club, Eli had naturally started to pay attention to the Yunbao club.

Basically every nursing club would have registration information on the starnet. Apart from cubs whose families had paid an admission fee to have their cub enrolled, nursing clubs were also obligated to take in cubs who didn’t have any parents. If there were any cubs in the club that were searching for a home, there would also be a individual record of them.

On the information page recently created by Yunbao Branch, she discovered that two of the cubs she had felt were very adorable had no parents. Eli had at once thought about adopting them.

The smile in the other’s eyes did not seem fake. Hearing this reply, Xie Tao relaxed his eyebrows, no longer looking as serious as he had in the beginning.

From the other’s words so far, Xie Tao was satisfied with the first two people who wanted to adopt their cubs.

But what Xie Tao valued most was the cubs’ feelings, so he suggested that they let the cubs try to connect with them first.

If the cubs wanted to get close to the couple and approached them without any resistance or fear, Xie Tao would agree to let them adopt the two cubs.

This was why the current scene looked like this. With the two round cubs being held in the arms of the kuwei woman, who was carefully and gently tidying the feathers of the fluffy cubs.

“Tiuh, Tiuh.”

Even though they were not familiar with the two adults, when they felt the kuwei woman gently arrange their feathers with her fingers, the two little cubs raised their heads and chirped twice, calling out to her.

When she heard the two cubs chirping at her, Eli could not help but show some joy on her face. Hoping that the two cubs would have a favorable impression of her, the kuwei woman lifted her hand and touched the soft back feathers of two fluffy cubs.

However, no matter how good things were going, she knew that she couldn’t be the only one connecting with the cubs. After holding them for a long time, Eli reluctantly let her husband take one of the cubs from her arms.

Men weren’t as sensitive as women. When dealing with cubs, they may not know how to coax them. However, the other seemed very careful when handling the cub. He held him very steady and touched fluffy cub’s back, just like how his wife had done.

“How about I be your mother in the future?” Meeting the black eyes of the cub in her arms, Eli asked this in a soft voice. She then pulled at her husband standing next to her, “And he, he your father?”

She really wanted to give the two cubs a home. Although she had only known them for a short time, Eli had already felt that the two cubs were very good and cute.

If they could smoothly adopt the cubs, she and her husband would love them with all their hearts.

The two cubs looked up at people holding them. Of course, they also wanted parents. When they heard what the kuwei woman who had just carefully arranged their feathers for them said, the two fluffy cubs moved their little wings slightly, but they did not make a sound. Their black eyes moved to the youth standing in front of them.

It was true that the two cubs wanted parents. Those adults were gentle and good to them, and they really liked them. But right now, the youth was more important to these two cubs. 

Following the cubs’ line of sight, Eli quickly opened her mouth and said, “If we adopt these two cubs, we have no intention to change the club for the cubs, they can still continue to stay at Yunbao Branch.”

As long as the parents wanted to, they could visit the cubs every weekend. Next month there would also be a long fixed vacation for all cub raising clubs. They would not need to worry about not having time cultivating feelings with the two cubs.

Sitting nearby, looking as if they were playing with the cubs, Xia Qi and the others were actually quietly taking every word to heart.

These were the cubs they had personally taken care of for a long time. They knew that it was common for cubs to be moved to a new club after being adopted, but if this had happened, they would still have been quite reluctant to let them go.

Because the two cubs were looking at Xie Tao, the two little cubs were at last returned to Xie Tao’s arms. As soon as they were back in the familiar embrace, the two little fluffballs lightly snuggled into his chest.

“Do the babies want them to be your parents?” Gently touching the small wings of the two cubs in his arms, Xie Tao lowered his head to meet the two pairs of black eyes and asked this in a soft voice.

The reaction of the cubs was very honest. Xie Tao saw the answer in the eyes of the small cubs in his arms. The cubs turned to look at the two adults who said they wanted to be their parents. They then turned back and rubbed against Xie Tao’s chest, calling out twice in a low voice.

“Tiuh, Tiuh.”

Hearing the cubs’ response, Xie Tao nodded to the two people standing opposite him, they had also passed when it came to the cubs’ own wishes.

All that remained now was to go through the procedures. Once the process was complete, the adopters would officially become the parents of the little cubs.

The two cubs would still stay at Yunbao Branch. On the surface, everything seemed the same, but for the two little cubs, it was completely different.

Now, they also had a mother and father.

The new parents had originally planned to hold their cubs in their arms and leave, then bring them back again next weekend, but a burst of fragrance coming from the kitchen stopped them in their steps.

It had quickly neared the time the employees had dinner, Zheng Zhou finished bustling about in the kitchen and brought out the meals to the table.

When they sensed the fragrance, the two new parents who ran a family restaurant, couldn’t help but turn their eyes in the direction it came from. As a result, they saw several dishes that not only smelled amazing, but also looked pretty good.

This set an idea in motion.

Since the interstellar had been stable and peaceful these last years, people had more time to pay attention to the enjoyments of life. The previously underdeveloped beverage and food industry had also gradually begun to grow and just like some famous restaurants in interstellar, many started to create new dishes by themselves.

After inquiring, they learned that the recipes were provided you the youth. They suddenly had a notion, they wanted to buy the recipes.

“What you think about splitting the profit?” If they were given the recipes, they could give 20% of the restaurant’s profits in exchange. Eli felt that it was a reasonable offer.

The club would have more than one source of income, Xie Tao was more than happy to accept the offer. Both sides quickly settled the matter.

In the evening, Xie Tao returned to his room at the staff living quarters.

Ever since he returned from Hailumite, he now had two cubs in his bed every night.

After the night at the hotel, Xie Tao found that the mermaid of his club no longer liked to sleep on a shell bed and only wanted to sleep with him at night. During their journey back to Gaia, the cub had repeatedly insisted on sleeping together with them.

The cub would shout “Papa! Papa!” several times when Xie Tao did not agree, as a result the current situation had become like this.

The cub was obediently lying in the middle of the bed when Xie Tao crept under the covers, but this little mermaid soon nestled in Xie Tao’s arms.

“Papa~” The cub called out to the youth before he fell asleep. After hearing the youth’s hummed response, the mermaid cub gradually closed his eyes with his tail fin still shaking lightly.

Xie Tao opened his eyes slightly. The mermaid cub had a specific sleeping posture these days. He would wiggle adorably until he was nestled in Xie Tao’s arms with his back leaning against his chest, he would then reach out and grab the small horn of the knox laying next to his pillow.

Looking at this scene, Xie Tao could not resist touching the other small horn of this knox. When Xie Tao was about to take his hand back, he felt a wet feeling on his fingertips.

Vertical pupils attentively watched the youth’s slender and beautiful fingers. The knox softly licked the white fingertips that were near him.

Having renewing the scent marking left on the youth, this knox slightly squinted his eyes and looked up while emitting a low sound from his throat.

Xie Tao did not respond at first and retracted his hand, but before turning off the nightlight and closing his eyes, he finally touched the fluffy back of the knox.

Early the next morning, he took the mermaid cub back to the pool. After Xie Tao had done this, he was about to return to the living room when Xia Qi called him over. The other then asked him a question which caught him a bit off guard.

“Ah Tao, have you ever thought about adopting little Gale?”

Translator’s note:

Is he finally going to officially adopt Gale?!!! ><

*Silently flapping arms around in joy, internally squealing*

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