CRA Chapter 58

A request

She did not know how many points they would get. Although they had gotten a big bonus, Xia Qi did not dare to assume that their club would make it onto the Star Alliance’s list of outstanding nursing clubs.

There were so many nursing clubs in the interstellar, it was obviously not just a little difficult to get onto the list. For many clubs, it seemed like an almost undoable feat.

Even if it was a club at the bottom of this list, it would still be an excellent club with many years of experience and considerable strength.

“Let’s just relax and wait for the results. The Star Alliance will release the assessment scores at the end of the next month.”

Of course, she couldn’t help but look forward to it. But Xia Qi made sure to keep her expectations low so that when the moment came she wouldn’t feel too disappointed.

In fact, according to the expectations she had at the beginning, even getting into the top ten thousand would be pretty good.

After all, the real development of their club had only been going on for a very short time. Compared with those clubs who had developed over many years, they had a lot of shortcomings, in many aspects. This should be admitted objectively.

But in the end, it turned out their club’s combat instructor was now all of a sudden the former General of the Star Alliance, which messed with Xia Qi’s prediction of the assessment result.

So, if by any chance?… Was there ah?

After the initial shock, the members of Yunbao Branch gradually came to terms with the fact that there was a Star Alliance General at their club. As the image the other currently had was not the imposing and oppressive one of a superior, everyone soon got along and returned to the way they had been before.

However, for the assessment team who had suffered a fright, this was not the case. They had lost a lot of hair worrying over how to score the club named Yunbao.

After every assessment team dispatched by the Star Alliance had completed the task and returned to their posts, the next step was to immediately confirm the final score of each nursing club. Once the final confirmation was done, they would publish the assessment results on the starnet.

The end of the next month— There was no doubt that all nursing clubs were anxiously awaiting it.

[T/N: Luckily, for you readers, the wait is not as long.]

All members of Yunbao Branch were sitting in the living room huddled around the connector, there was some tension visible on their faces.

The Star Alliance’s list of outstanding nursing clubs had been updated earlier today. Under everyone’s eyes, Xie Luan opened the new list that was being visited by countless parents.

From first glance, it was easy to see that the first and second place had been exchanged. The Tirui club, which had previously been surpassed by the Lazuer club and placed second for the last six years, had finally reached the top in this year’s assessment.

Seeing this list, everyone leaned in closer. They started from the bottom. After reading through the first 500 and still not seeing their club’s name, they basically thought that they had not made it onto the list.

But just as Xie Luan was about to leave the page to check the assessment score directly, the person standing next to him suddenly pointed to the virtual screen.

“Here, number 2007!” With this sentence from the other, everyone immediately turned their eyes to the place the other pointed, and indeed, written there was the name of their club.

2007. Looking at this ranking, Xia Qi couldn’t help but want to rub her eyes to see if she had seen wrong.

This was the actual rankings for the whole interstellar, and their club had made the top 2500 in their first assessment. A dark horse alright—!

Suddenly seeing a new name in the top 2500 rankings, close to the top 2000, many people one after another begun talking about it.

These years, whenever a new name appeared on the list of top rankings, they had without exception slowly climbed up from the bottom. They had never seen such a situation where a club suddenly rose up to top 2500 out of nowhere.

“I definitely added a lot of points.”

Zarad raised his hand to touch his newly grown beard and decisively sought recognition at this time.

The assessment system created by the Star Alliance went as follows— The assessment score was divided into two parts, namely basic score and additional bonus score.

The basic score for each assessment part, such as the facilities, the cubs’ living situation, combat instructors, etc, was 100, and the total basic score for all parts added up to 700.

This score was not hard to get. As long as a certain part of the assessment completely reached the standard, that part would get a full score.

The basic scores of the higher ranking clubs were generally full, so what the outstanding clubs were competing with was bonus points.

Hearing Zarad’s clear boasting, the surrounding people nodded to give him recognition.

Their club’s assessment score was 1150. When Xia Luan went to check the specific scores for each part, everyone could see that there was a stunning 300 written behind the combat instructor column.

The record for this part had been 137 points. Their club’s score was more than twice the highest record, which directly raised their assessment score to a whole new level. “Let’s give him an applause.”

After Xia Qi said this, the others followed her lead and clapped with her. The person listening to the applause had a pleased expression on his face.

Their club had made it onto the list in this Star Alliance assessment and had placed much higher than expected. The staff at Yunbao were undoubtedly pleasantly surprised.

There was still a lot of room for development in their club. The facilities could be improved, and there were other aspects as well, couldn’t they continue to improve their rankings? Although they did not say this, they couldn’t help looking forward to it.

There was a dark horse in the Star Alliance’s list of outstanding nursing clubs. This did not only pique the interest of other clubs but parents also started to pay attention to it.

As a highly reputable list, this list could practically be said to drive its own traffic. In just half a day, the followers on the Yunbao Branch’s official Xingyou account had increased with several hundreds of thousands and the number of followers only continued to rise.

It could be said that Yunbao Branch had passed the stage of worrying about whether parents would send their cubs to their club. In the eyes of the other well-known clubs on the list, Yunbao Branch was now truly a club worth their attention.

Soon after the results of the assessment were released, several new cubs arrived at Yunbao Branch.

Three of the cubs were from the same race, budo, and the remaining one was a shuren cub.

Shuren cubs looked like little lions, while budo cubs looked more like small snow leopards. Xie Luan found that the cubs of the two races had something in common, they both liked to nibble on his fingers with their not yet fully grown baby teeth.

The three new budo cubs were not only from the same race, but also from the same family.

Budo cubs were very wary of new environments. It usually took a while for them to adapt to an unfamiliar place. The parents of these cubs also explained this to Xie Luan as they dropped them off. They hoped they could be more patient in the beginning when taking care of the three cubs.

After talking about this matter, the parents of the three budo cubs placed the three cubs in Xie Luan’s arms and left.

Being in the arms of a stranger, the three budo cubs were instinctively on alert. But because it was their parents that had put them there, the cubs did not resist for the moment.

When on alert, the ears of the budo cubs would stand up completely. Xie Luan looked down at the beautiful blue eyes of the three cubs in his arms. After silently looking for a long time, he raised his hand and tried to touch the back of the three cubs.

Xie Luan merely stroked their backs, he didn’t do anything else. He let his fingers travel down the cubs’ soft backs several times, pacifying them, until he finally saw the ears of the cubs gradually lower.

To show that he did not have any malice, Xie Luan held out a finger and put it in front of these budo cubs, softly shaking it. It was meant to be playful teasing, but Xie Luan did not expect that one of the budo cubs would raise her head and bite his finger with her small baby teeth.

Xie Luan held his finger still. The budo cub who bit his finger didn’t want to bite him. She lightly nibbled on his finger with her sharp baby teeth.

After a few bites, she seemed to have confirmed that the youth was approachable. A small purring sound came from the budo cub’s throat.

Because of the bite, Xie Luan felt that these three budo cubs were still quite extroverted in comparison with the shuren cub who was completely opposite.

The shuren race itself was a race with few diplomatic relations. Their lifespan was very long, shuren was recognized as the race with the longest lifespan in the interstellar. The average life expectancy of the shuren race could be more than 400 years.

It seemed that they did not know how to get along with others. This cub had been quiet since he was dropped off at the club by his parents, he had not made any sound at all.

But this little cub was very good. Although he sometimes lagged behind, when Xie Luan turned around and waved to the cub, he would obediently follow after him.

Before the mermaid cub could not speak, and now this little cub was not willing to speak. But Xie Luan did not force this cub to talk.

In addition to welcoming the new cubs, Yunbao Branch, shortly after the assessment results were published, also welcomed a visitor who had a request for Xie Luan. It was related to the muka race. 


Translator’s note:

Four new cubs!!! Lions and snow leopards are some of my favorite animals, just look at these cuties:

Also, here is an absolutely awesome and heartwarming drawing of the happy family made by Electsky: 

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