CRA Chapter 59 – part 2

Xie Luan nodded in response to the other’s request. In order to reassure the other, he repeated himself, “I can do what you said. I’ll go with you.”

It could be seen from the other’s eyes that he was not lying. After hearing what he had said, it was naturally impossible for Xie Luan to refuse the other’s request.

The moment he heard the answer, the young man whose heart was full of worry at once relaxed and at the same time a happy look appeared on his tired face.

Because of this matter, the other had not been able to get a good rest for several days.

It was an urgent matter that could not be delayed. The others in the club also supported Xie Luan’s decision after learning of the situation, but they were still a little worried about Xie Luan’s trip.

The main reason for this worry was because Saina was a planet with relatively lacking jurisdiction and bad public security. Some areas of the planet were classified as unregulated interstellar zones.

However, seeing the nox nested on the youth’s shoulder, Xia Qi and the others felt more at ease.

According to Zarad, this nox processed abilities that even at his peak, Zarad could not compare to. The youth would be safe as long as the nox was around.

After talking it over, he was ready to leave. But before departing, Xie Luan thought it over and went to the muka cub who was still in the living room.

“Nick, do you want to go to Saina together with me?” Xie Luan asked this question for a reason. Saina was the planet inhabited by the muka race and it was also this muka cub’s home planet.

The purpose of this trip was to help with an important matter, but bringing one more cub would not hinder it. This muka cub was very obedient and would not cause them any trouble on the way.

He did not know where Saina was, but hearing the youth call his name, the muka cub immediately lowered his head and walked into the youth’s embrace, responding with a low hiss.

Even if it was not clear where they were going, this big muka cub obediently followed closely behind Xia Luan after letting out a low hissing sound. Scarlet eyes attentively watching the latter, showing an obvious following appearance.

Wanting to be close to the youth, this muka cub naturally liked following after Xie Luan.

Seeing the muka cub’s reaction, Xie Luan quickly made a decision.

“You are very good to this cub…” On the starship, Duke couldn’t help saying this as he watched the youth set up the safety device for the muka cub who was riding a starship for the very first time.

In other races, Duke rarely saw people who took such great care of muka cubs like this. He was deeply touched by the actions of the youth in front of him.

Once Xie Luan finished and sat back down, he replied, “You are very good to those eggs too.”

To Xie Luan, the other was also one of the few people he had met who had no prejudice against mukas. The other was even still rushing around for the eggs, which was also a very rare thing.

“I was once rescued by a few mukas on Saina. They not only saved my life but also offered me shelter while I healed from my injuries. I am very grateful to them.”

It was also from that time that the way Duke saw the muka race had completely started to change.

He found that many things he had previously believed were wrong. The mukas were actually not at all fierce and barbaric, neither were they cruel. They also had feelings. When they received the kindness of others, they would give the same in return, or possibly even more.

Hearing the other’s reason, Xie Luan was slightly stunned and turned to the muka cub who was gazing at him with scarlet eyes. Xie Luan raised a hand and touched the cub’s head.

Hiss…” The youth had told him to sit, so the muka cub was now very obediently sitting still. When he felt the touch, he lowered his head a bit towards the youth and made a low hissing sound in his throat.

Saina was a relatively remote planet for most interstellar races. Belonging to the muka race, the overall development of the planet was rather low.

Before reaching the planet, Xie Luan truly did not know what to expect.

Once they arrived at Saina, he got down from the commercial starship and walked out of the airfield. What came into his view was a planet lacking green, where sand would from time to time be swept up and carried by the wind.


Translator’s note:

He brought Nick with him! ٩( ‘ω’ )و

I know some of you imagined the planet to have a tropical habitat, personally, I was picturing it rockier, but it seems to be more desert-y?

I really can’t wait to learn more about mukas and their planet!

(Btw, you can ignore what I said about cockroaches in the last chapter, I hope it did not bother you too much. There have been very few descriptions of their appearance so far, so just let your imagination run free. ^^ )

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Hopefully the upcoming chapters will give a bit more detail about the appearance of the muka. I know from your comments that the descriptive terms have been somewhat unclear; perhaps the author was setting things up for this arc? I’d love to see a manhua based on this story some day…

  2. Thank you for the chapter!
    I wanted to say that I’m completely supportive of you changing the names or stuff if you feel it’ll be closer to the original, and that even though you may feel that you weren’t translating it very seriously, you’ve already done so so so so so much better than a great number of translations that I’ve read. Each chapter of your reads very smoothly, it very enjoyable to read and there aren’t any jarring moments that make you feel less immersed in the story ?
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