CRA Chapter 65 – part 2

The ambush was very successful. The three adult mukas transporting the small cart could not guard against the sudden and unexpected attack.

Fearing the combat prowess of the adult mukas, the four people who launched the attack didn’t really want to fight the mukas. They just intended to use their abilities to restrict the opponents’ movements.

Injured mukas were likely to become enraged and their fighting more fierce, they didn’t need to increase the risk for themselves.

The movements of the few adult mukas had already been temporarily limited. The four people dashed over to the small cart filled with baseda ore, ready to snatch the goods and run away.

Pressing his space button, the three subordinates began to load the baseda ore from the cart into Feilun’s interdimensional space.

But just as the first ore was loaded, an invisible blade of air, sharp like the edge of a dagger, swiftly shot forward and in a flash interrupted the four men’s actions.

Almost at the same time, they sensed a violent space distortion close by and warning bells urgently rang in their heads. This made the four turn to the side and dropped to the ground in an emergency maneuver. Going from being close to pulling it off to all of a sudden crawling in the dirt, they really cut a sorry figure.

The four instantly knew what kind of situation they were in.

They spotted several silhouettes coming from the left, among them three were in humanoid form and there was also one who, from the build, seemed to be a cub of the muka race. Feilun’s eyes darkened, his bandit nature had now also been triggered. The four prepared for battle.

None of them noticed the iconic silver tail behind one within the group. Having thrown themselves onto the ground in order to avoid the attack, the four people only saw that there was a human in the group that arrived by foot and that human, who clearly lacked combat strength, naturally became their first target.

These four would not be easy to deal with.

As soon as he saw the other party’s sinister eyes, Duke felt that these people were criminals up to no good.

Furthermore, the other party had to his surprise been able to restrict the movements of several adult mukas… Duke’s heart became heavy once more as he somewhat processed this completely unexpected situation.

The attack came very quickly. As an ordinary human, Xie Luan’s senses could not react in time. Nearly in the blink of an eye, a figure closed in on him from a distance, followed by an impending cold blade.

But this cold blade could not truly get close to him. Almost at the same moment the figure drew near, an ice-cold silver flashed before Xie Luan’s eyes.

He then distinctly heard a bang-like sound that seemed to originate from a ruthless blow. The person who took the blow and was sent flying did not even have the time to issue a pained grunt before he hit the ground not far away. Afterward there intermittently came some pain-filled groans from where he laid.

Obviously, he was seriously injured. He had taken a direct hit from the silver tail, at present this man could already not even drag himself up anymore. There was nothing he could do.

Although his senses could not keep up, based on the result, Xie Luan also knew what had transpired just now.

Raising his eyes, he saw the side of the face of the nox who was standing beside him in his adult form. Different from his usual cold look, Ya Yi’s face was now slightly strained and the pupils in the cyan eyes were also tightened into a thin line.

Rather than cold, it was better to describe the expression as ice-cold.

At this moment, Xie Luan felt that the nox in front of his eyes seemed to for the first time have truly entered a type of battle mode.

What kind of battle mode did the nox race have? The four people who just noticed the silver tail now at last got to widen their knowledge.

Not even the slightest bit of air was left untouched by the space attack. Not even the slightest bit of concern for the spiritual power consumed, the frightening ability was not suppressed in the least.

Their surroundings had already been turned into distorted space, encircling them, just one reckless step would lead to the loss of an arm or leg. The four people who had just attempted to attack were now staying in place and doing their utmost to shrink their bodies, afraid that the distorted space around them would suddenly further close in.

Didn’t the nox race go extinct several decades ago? Why did they meet with an adult nox on this planet? Faced with this unexpected development, the four people had now basically lost their ability to think.

As their space had been compressed and they were in a state of panic, the four people trapped by the space distortion had no thoughts of escaping. Whether physical or psychological, all of them had received a heavy blow and were now in fact also not capable of escaping.

It was not until the end of the battle that the muka cub, who had continuously been blocking Xie Luan with his body, at last agreed to obediently retreat to the side.

This muka cub had from a moment ago immediately used his own body to completely shelter Xie Luan. In order to prevent the latter from being attacked like earlier, this cub had blocked the front of the youth with his body while his forearms were crossed behind the youth, forming the perfect protected area.

Because he knew that the nearby youth had lacking defense and was quite easily wounded, the muka cub had instinctively done this.

He had blocked him like this, so that the one blocked by him would not be harmed.

Several of the previously restricted adult mukas was now able to move. Ya Yi stopped using his ability, whereafter Duke went to tie up the four people who had already lost their ability to move.

After tying up these four people, Xie Luan and the others returned to the village.

From the starnet, they found out that these four were wanted by the Star Alliance. Duke contacted the relevant department of the Star Alliance and it seemed that they would be able to get a big reward for handing over these people.

The four who were tied up in a small room had not expected that they would be able to smoothly escape from all the pursuing armies and successfully lay low on Saina for such a long time, only to be caught on this very planet when they were almost about to make a comeback.

If they were handed over to the Star Alliance, they feared they would never again set foot outside prison in this lifetime.

When thinking that this was the most likely outcome, the four people who were tied up in the small room immediately felt their hearts turn into ash. [1]

Translator’s note:

Muahahaha, that is what you get for attacking our precious mukas. ψ(`∇’)ψ

[1] – They are feeling dejected, as if their hearts have died and turned to ash.

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