CRA Chapter 67 – part 1

Not don’t, but don’t know

When he had been encircled and pulled close by the tail, Xie Luan’s hand was still in the middle of touching the silver hair of the nox in front of him. Caught off guard once more by hearing the word “like” come from the other’s mouth, Xie Luan was obviously stunned for a little longer this time.

After saying this word, Ya Yi thought about it and then added,


Hearing the same low and unhurried voice from a very close distance, particularly spoken next to his ear, it sounded especially clear to Xie Luan. These two words combined did not leave any room for him to misunderstand what kind of love this was again.

This was the second time Xie Luan had heard the nox say he loved him. The first time, Xie Luan had subconsciously thought that the other’s “love” was the result of some kind of “chick imprinting”.

But this time, Xie Luan felt that he couldn’t explain it away anymore.

Just now, he had asked the nox whether he liked the flower. Xie Luan had seen the other nod his head in response, but the expression on his face had not changed at all.

However, when the nox had opened his mouth and said he liked him, Xie Luan had clearly seen those two nearby vertical pupils slightly tighten. It was different from the apathetic and cold expression the other had when he nodded his head a moment ago.

After saying these two words, Ya Yi, who was encircling Xie Luan with his tail, did not do anything more. He merely lowered his head slightly, his vertical pupils silently gazing at the other.

Unprepared, Xie Luan who was shown this meek appearance by the nox, once again felt some part of his heart being lightly jabbed.

The other had previously taken the initiative to lower his head in a similar posture to let him touch his horns, at that time Xie Luan had also sensed this feeling a bit, but he had been slow to react and let it slip out of his grasp.

This kind of feeling, like some soft place in his chest was being lightly jabbed, must be due to emotion.

When it came to being treated differently, it was usually quite easy for the one who received the “special treatment” to discover it.

Xie Luan now, at last, clearly sensed it.

“…What about others?” Still not knowing how he should respond, Xie Luan was quiet for a good while and finally could only come up with this question.

Asking this, Xie Luan waited and then heard the response after a moment.

“I don’t know.”

Pondering for a second, Ya Yi gave this answer.

Not don’t, but don’t know.

Xie Luan felt that this reply was a little unfair.

The tail was very firmly encircled around his waist. Before the ice-cold tail was willing to release him, Xie Luan would be unable to move.

While in this position, Xie Luan suddenly felt a kiss land on his cheek. He had not yet reacted when he was pecked again, a second time.

The lightly pursed lips that briefly touched his cheek felt a little cool to the touch, but also soft.

This kind of touch moved across his cheek, gradually nearing the corner of his mouth. Xie Luan discovered this, but because he could feel that these pecking kisses were meant to very carefully sound him out, Xie Luan’s heart immediately went soft and he slightly relaxed his body, ultimately choosing not to move.

It’s allowed.

The tip of the nox’s tail, which was wrapped around the youth’s waist, moved by itself and subconsciously tightened a little more.

Waiting until the silver tail let go, Xie Luan touched the corner of his lip that had just been pecked and shrunk his head back, too embarrassed to speak. [1]

At this moment, Xie Luan heard the nearby muka cub softly issue a low sound, it was not a hiss, but more of a simple sound. His big red eyes were looking directly at him.

Faced with this, Xie Luan could not help coughing. He approached the muka cub and had him lower his head a little, Xie Luan then planted a kiss on the large cub’s forehead.


Translator’s note:

Seems like I was not the only one who forgot that Nick was there. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

(Sorry Nick.. ( T_T)\(^-^ )) 

[1] – The literal translation of the last part is something like “some ostriches don’t speak”, I was so confused by it. Luckily Jujuseason was there to explain it to me, it turns out it was referring to the mental image of an ostrich burying its head in the sand when scared.

….God, I have such an embarrassing story that fits perfectly with this, actually, after my first kiss I literally buried my head, it was not even under the covers but in a small space between the wall and the bed… I was just so embarrassed and shocked (I had been asked to close my eyes and so did not know that they were going to do that, they were the same sex as me so I really did not except it despite the classic line). Actually, afterward, I ended up being much more embarrassed by my reaction, I mean, I did it right in front of them… (but, like, I was really young, nine or so, so… Nope, still embarrassed by it.(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄)

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  1. Very cute… but still hes like… what not even a year old or something… waah … this is … I dunno… I mean technically that Muka cub is older than that Nox, that Mermaid as well… aaah if I think of him like a fruit fly… then maybe it will be ok right? though fruit flies don’t live long… arrgh… but yeah… it still feels… a bit…

    “Papa… why is other Papa younger than me?”


    “Papa … are you a criminal?”


    1. Technically they are both adults and it would not be strange for an interracial couples to have a large age gap with so many races with different characteristics.
      But I LOLed so hard when I read this

    2. The nox stayed in his egg for decades and was somewhat aware of his surroundings. He might actually be considered older than our protagonist in that sense.
      Think of him not as a child, but as a severely under-socialized adult. One that developed without human contact in a basement somewhere. He then decided to come out of that basement because of our MC.

      1. I think maybe several of us forget about this, merely thinking the nox just been born. Who knows how many years he stay as an egg because the world reject him

      2. Oh I know that he was in his egg for a long time, but still he was technically a baby when he came out and grew into adult form quickly… it is still … a bit… you know… when a baby chicken is this soft fluffy thing and within a few months it is an adult chicken ready to be carved up for Sunday Roast, its still a bit you know… unnerving…

    3. Well Nox spended at least 30 years in his egg while being concies. Even zarad said that ya yi turned to adulthood way faster than even his own race.

      1. Sorry….it seems like someone already wrote about this and i dont know how to delete what i wrote so…..sorry.

    4. Technically… Ya Yi is older than all of the cubs and LuanLuan I think. He is 30+years in the egg when their race can hatch and transform much much faster. Just like how he transformed into humanoid form days after hatching. Since he is conscious in the egg without the need of spiritual guidance, I believed his age should be counted since then.

  2. ‘Seems like I was not the only one who forgot that Nick was there. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)’

    Pffff i totally forgot too ? … Sorry Nick!?

    Aww your reaction to your first kiss is so cute~ (๑>ᴗ<๑)

    Thanks for the chapter! (๓´͈꒳`͈๓)

  3. Thank you for your hard work. I’ve been following this for a while and I really enjoy it.
    Your comments at the end are super on point too ^^

    I think: “His bring red eyes were looking directly at him.” – “bring” to “big”

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