CRA Chapter 72 – part 1

Very important cub


Even the word itself was cruel.

In Zarad’s eyes, war could only pointlessly snatch away things others held dear. The currently relatively peaceful state of the interstellar was a matter worth celebrating to all races.

Regarding the war that took place more than a year ago on Kesou, Zarad wasn’t very clear about the actual situation. At that time, he had already retired from the military and was still depressed.

However, Zarad remembered that the military campaign had been very short, it had been a blitzkrieg.

After the Star Alliance sent troops to protect the peace, the war had ended in merely three days.

According to the way Morrison was, Zarad felt that even if the military department had not sent the special forces to take part in this military campaign, the other would still surely have requested to be sent to the battlefield on his own accord.

Taking the other’s participation in the war as a fact, Zarad could conclude that the laili cub had most likely been picked up by Morrison at the battlefield on Kesou.

Zarad spoke out about all his speculations and Xie Luan’s eyebrows gradually creased as well as he listened.

The cub in his arms still had his head buried in his chest. Xie Luan softly hummed a lullaby and continued to consciously channel his spiritual power to soothe the cub.

If things really were as Zarad said, this cub was probably not afraid of thunder… but of a sound similar to thunder.

Perhaps explosions.

There were many thunderstorms during this season. Xie Luan lowered his head and looked towards the eyes of the cub in his arms, his heart full of worry.

Stress reaction, he should have realized it sooner… Xie Luan thought back to the time he first met the mermaid cub. At that time, when the little mermaid had left the water, he had shown the same kind of frightened appearance.

The panic in the two cubs’ eyes was similar. Gale had managed to overcome this mental obstacle with great difficulty. Xie Luan did not know whether the laili cub had it in him to do the same.

Concerned, Xie Luan went on the starnet to check the weather forecast for the remaining half of the month. It would luckily be sunny starting tomorrow until the weekend.

This weekend, Morrison once again came to Yunbao branch.

He came because he cared about the cub. The purpose of the other’s visit was clearly to see how the laili cub was faring. Although he was not a parent, Xie Luan agreed to let the other be in the cub house and interact with the cub.

“Gu~” Waving his small flippers, the laili cub at once waddled around Morrison’s legs when he walked into the living room. The cub had now already circled him three times.

Raising his head, the laili cub looked up at the adult with his black eyes as he waddled around him.

Because he was looking at the person he liked, the cub’s black eyes were especially bright.

“Gu-Ji~” Lifting his wings on both sides, the laili cub raised his head and called out to the person in front of him with a very clear cry. This action meant that the cub wanted his parent to pick him up.

Considering the cub’s condition, the club must have taken good care of him these past few days.

Having confirmed this with his own eyes, Morrison put his worries away and the taut expression on his face also relaxed a little.

He picked the cub up at last and simply held him in his embrace like normal. Morrison didn’t do anything to coax the cub.

Still, just with this, the cub in his arms seemed very happy.

A tender and crisp call had continually been sounding since a moment ago, it was not hard to see how energetic the cub was.

In addition to his liveliness, it could be seen that the cub felt at ease. It should be because he got a sense of security from the person holding him. At this moment, Xie Luan felt that the laili cub’s mental state was more stable than it had been at any other time.

A parent could be of much help to a cub trying to overcome a mental obstacle. As Xie Luan viewed the man in front of him as the cub’s parent, an idea appeared in his mind.

“Have you ever considered adopting the cub?” Once Morrison was done visiting the cub, Xie Luan asked him this not far from the cubs. 


Translator’s note:

How do you think he will answer? ><

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