CRA Chapter 73 – part 3

His taut nerves finally relaxed a little. Morrison searched for a hotel to rest and feed the cub.

The laili cub must have been hungry for a long time, but he never cried all the way here.

Before reporting back to the military department, Morrison first had to find somewhere good and appropriate to place the cub.

Not having fed cubs before, Morrison used an extremely unnatural position to feed the cub by supporting him against his hip.

Once he felt that the cub had eaten his full, Morrison touched the cub’s soft slightly bulging belly and lightly put the laili cub down on the ground, letting the other move around freely.

If he was going to place the cub, he would need to find a nursing club.

Morrison still had this much common sense. But the moment he stood up, Morrison saw the fluffy laili cub waddle over to him. The cub came close and suddenly raised his pair of small flippers to hug his leg.

“Gu~” Raising his head, the laili cub looked up at the adult he was hugging with his clear black eyes.

The cub’s voice was especially tender and clear, his dark eyes full of trust and dependence.

“…” Morrison didn’t respond for a moment. The cub’s black eyes were bright. Having his leg hugged by the cub, he suddenly felt a little like he couldn’t move.

Morrison couldn’t remember what he had thought at that time, when he saw the dependence in the eyes of the cub. When he came back to himself, he had already brought the cub back with him to Shilolin.

A cub bed, rations, and many cub toys. For the first time, Morrison’s ever-increasing crystal card balance decreased as he brought this for the cub.

The left arm hit by the special weapon needed to be removed, Morrison accepted the medical department’s judgment.

Ever since he found out that the cub was afraid of thunder, Morrison had asked for leave on rainy days in order to stay home with the cub.

Others took his frequent requests for leave as something he had to do because of his injury which had still not healed.

“Gu…Gu-Ji, Gu-Ji!” A strange smell came from the adult’s body. The laili cub, who would normally circle Morrison, waved his small flippers and called out to the other.

“…” Morrison carefully pondered on what was different about his body and finally could only come up with that it may be the smoke smell. Seeing the reaction of the cub, Morrison went to change his clothes and in passing tidied himself up.

The cub didn’t like the smell of smoke and wouldn’t let the other touch him. Morrison basically hadn’t touched a cigarette box again since that first time.

After taking care of the laili cub for more than a year, Morrison gradually started considering submitting a retirement application to the military department.

It was true that some things were inconvenient without his arm. Over the past year, the residual effects from being wounded by the special weapon had also only become more and more obvious.

Apart from these two points, Morrison actually thought that the cub was now over two years old and should stay at a cub raising branch. The cub would receive better education and care, he would also have a lot of playmates.

If he retired, he would have time to check up on the cub every week. He wouldn’t one day suddenly be transferred to a faraway place by the military department.

Once concern existed in their hearts, people would at once grow weak. Now when carrying out missions, Morrison felt he may not be able to do it without the slightest worry as before.

Retirement was therefore the best choice.

“I was sent to talk to you, can I ask, why don’t you want to adopt the cub?” Zarad, who was not good at playing word games, at last chose to get straight to the point.

No matter how you looked at it, the other seemed to care about the laili cub, otherwise he wouldn’t come here every week like the other parents did.

He reminiscing was interrupted. This was the second time Morrison had been asked about adopting the cub. He was silent for a moment then said, “I’m not qualified to be a parent.”

At present, not to talk about his injury, he didn’t even know how to coax the cub. His reputation was not good either, he couldn’t be a good role model for the cub.

At this time, inside the house, Xie Luan squatted down to look at the laili cub who was holding a coloring pen with his sharp beak.

Pressing the pen against the paper, the cub crookedly wrote “Papa” on the white paper in front of him. He then at once waved his little flippers and issued several crisp calls in a row. His black eyes were particularly bright.

Looking at the bright eyes of the laili cub, Xie Luan couldn’t help but think that, as Zarad had said, the cub had been saved and brought back by Morrison from that battlefield.

To this cub, the latter must be the most powerful hero.

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