CRA Chapter 83

Pulse of darkness

He had no memories related to the youth. However, because Xie Luan helped treat his wounds, and he sensed kindness and tenderness from the youth’s care, this huge adult muka had as a result responded like this.

Fighting was a type of instinct for this muka, it was also something he should naturally want to do. Upon reaching adulthood, he must rely on fighting to obtain relevant survival resources, therefore to not fight was out of the question.

When accepting employment on the battlefield, fighting was the task. So to outsiders, it seemed that this adult muka was brutal and completely merciless when dealing with the enemy. The fighting style was also terrifyingly fierce, instilling fear in people’s hearts.

However, apart from the fighting, in Xie Luan’s eyes, many of the actions of this huge Nick were nevertheless still similar to those of the cub.

For example, the muka felt he was good to him. The moment he lightly patted his forearm, this adult muka also fixed his gaze on him and stared straight at him with those scarlet eyes.

Aside from the fighting, he was still just like a cub… However, this “cub” had already seen many battles.

When Xie Luan entered the battleship’s main hall carried by this adult muka, the people inside who were originally in the midst of a discussion all stopped talking, and most of their gazes shifted to the youth who came in from the corridor.

The main hall of the ark battleship was not a place just anyone could casually enter. If not for the fact the other now had the right to move around freely, he would have been stopped by the guards as early as at the entrance of the corridor.

“Allow the youth to move around freely.” This sentence had been uttered by the nox in the master seat, and so no one on the entire battleship dared to question it.

The number of personnel in the main hall was relatively small compared to the other halls. When Xie Luan appeared here, the people in the main hall each reacted differently.

“…” The young man who, before, had shown a malicious smile to Xie Luan and been quite talkative, was now unexpectedly looking particularly at ease. After Xie Luan appeared, he glanced over at him from time to time.

Seated next to the dark blond young man sat a man with eyes calmly closed, and behind him stood the sole female member in the hall. The two basically did not show any reaction at this time.

The mermaid’s reaction was the most immediate, azure eyes directly fell on Xie Luan.

The nox in the master seat only took a passing glance at Xie Luan, and quickly withdrew his gaze. The cold and handsome face maintained an unwavering indifference.

However, the closer Xie Luan got to the rectangular table, the colder the expression of the nox in the master seat became.

“Well…” The surrounding people were all silent. The blond young man watched the youth approaching while carried on a huge adult muka’s forearm, and couldn’t stop himself from saying this.

After the second-in-command had shared the read memories with their leader, Ravi saw the mermaid walk over, and say to him in a clear and cold voice, “Don’t talk to him like that again, you will regret it.”

To say he would regret it, this sentence was not the other threatening him, he was saying Ravi would come to regret it himself. [1]

“What is Gaiya’s destination?” Being placed on the ground, Xie Luan opened his mouth and asked the nox in the master seat this.

The silver tail behind him was motionless. Because of the youth’s approach, the cyan eyes of the nox, which lacked warmth, looked even colder as he said, “Loren.”

To allow Xie Luan to move around freely on the ark battleship. This meant there was no restriction on Xie Luan anywhere on the battleship, and it actually gave the other party great power.

However, while having given the youth so much power, this nox nevertheless seemed awfully indifferent to the former’s performance at this moment. This made many people in the main hall really unable to understand their leader’s way of thinking.

Especially after later reaching at Loren that very day, when the other coldly issued a ban on the youth, prohibiting the other from leaving the central city.

Loren was a planet occupied by their legion. It was originally a place two other races had fought over due to the abundance of energy crystals on the planet.

But as for their leader being truly indifferent towards this youth… After having arrived at Loren, the accommodation arranged for the other was a place with the best conditions. Contradictions like these made it hard for them to understand.

Shortly after Xie Luan had asked the first question and heard the answer, the battleship had already arrived at Loren. Because of this, he wasn’t able to say more than a few words to Ya Yi in the main hall of the battleship.

But during that brief conversation, Xie Luan had not perceived any indifference from this nox. Even after getting off the ship, Xie Luan rather felt as if the other was intentionally avoiding him

Whatever you wished to ask, you couldn’t if you weren’t able to meet them.

He was actually not far from there. The nox was staying in a nearby floating tower. At the top of the tower, a spatial mirror image was unfolding before Ya Yi’s eyes.

He was using an ability to show the scene of a specific location. The nox looked at the mirror image with no expression on his face, but the silver tail behind him slightly tilted up a bit.

What appeared in the mirror image was a human youth.

When he received the shared memories, Ya Yi saw what the other world’s “self” experienced in the memories.

From the moment he met the youth, everything around him seemed to have become beautiful. He would have warm and happy feelings when he guarded this treasure.

He stayed at the top of this floating tower and watched the youth using the spatial mirror for a long time. All the way into the evening, when he saw the youth lay down on the bed and close his eyes. He estimated it would take the youth half an hour to enter deep sleep. Ya Yi waited, then cut open the space and reached the room where Xie Luan was.

Through the window not far from the bed, the light and soft moonlight could be seen. The nox stood by the bed. He lowered his head slightly to quietly gaze at the youth who appeared deep in slumber.

He would merely look closely like this for a while, he wouldn’t harm this person.

The number of times when he lost control had increased recently, from once in a few months to once in a few weeks. Ya Yi could clearly feel the hidden darkness in his heart expanding.

When losing control, he would shortly enter a killing frenzy in which he couldn’t distinguish between enemy and ally. Apart from venting on the battlefield, he would normally suppress this loss of control entirely himself.

Too many negative emotions had accumulated over time. Ya Yi could often hear the pulse of darkness in his own heart. This black emotion guided him towards destruction.

It was the hero who saves the world, and the monster was responsible for destroying the world. Ya Yi had not opposed this guidance.

The youth on the bed should be asleep. After watching for a while, the nox standing at the bedside finally bent down and gently lifted the youth’s left hand that was outside the quilt, placing it on his head.

Very happy.

Unfamiliar with this feeling, Ya Yi’s thoughts still lingered on this.

But he could not stay for too long.

He squinted his eyes slightly as he felt the warmth from the youth’s palm. Almost a bit content, this nox put the youth’s hand back to its original place and stood up straight.

Intending to cut the space and leave the same way he came, Ya Yi focused on the portal that had just been torn open in front of him.

But just when the other was about to take a step forward; Xie Luan, who was lying on the bed, opened his eyes and reached out, grabbing the cold looking silver tail behind the nox.

[1] – Ravi is the kuwei cub’s name. ><

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    1. Reminds me of Binghe and Bingge in Svsss they’re the same person in different timeliness and also in orv with SP and YJH. The “why him, but not me?” 😂

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    1. Reminds me of Binghe and Bingge in Svsss they’re the same person in different timeliness and also in orv with SP and YJH. The “why him, but not me?” 😂

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