CRA Chapter 15


After half a month, the kuhti cub had now fully integrated into the new living environment and he was no longer tense around the cotto and kuwei cub.

When Xie Luan walked around in the house, he would even occasionally see them get along quite intimately, cleaning each other’s feathers.

They would sit close together and use their beaks to gently comb the lower back feathers on each other. It gave a very lovely and harmonious feeling and each time Xie Luan saw this he couldn’t help but smile.

Xie Luan normally only looked and did not disturb them, but sometimes he would walk closer and sit down beside them and touch their cute small wings. The cubs would then usually stroke their heads against his hand and call out to him.

Despite knowing that the kuhti cub was still trying to learn how to fly, the kuwei and cotto cub, who had long been able to fly, did not despise or mock the new cub. They would even accompany the kuhti cub when he was training and tried to show him how to do it.

The most common exercise they did was ground flying, which like it sounded, was an exercise where the cub would flap his wings and try to take off from the ground.

Maybe it was because of the other cubs’ assistance or maybe it was the kuhti cub’s persistence, but after having failed in every other club, the cub finally managed to make progress here in the Yunbao branch.

When standing on the ground he could now take off and fly a bit forward. Although this might not seem much to others and his flying ability was far from the standard, in Xie Luan’s eyes, the cub had improved a lot.

If compared with the previous situation where the cub had been unable to fly despite having been persistently trained in other clubs, how could this not be seen as a big improvement?

“If you continue to work hard, you will definitely be able to fly.” Xie Luan picked up the cub that had landed after flying a bit and looking into his eyes he said this in a firm tone.

Xie Luan would often repeat this, both to encourage the cub but also in the hope that his own ability could somehow act as a catalyst and make it easier for the cub to achieve this.

According to what Zarad had told him, when he concentrated there was indeed a short-lived mental fluctuation and thinking about his ability to put the cubs to sleep, Xie Luan felt a bit more confident that he would be able to affect the cub.

However, he knew that his ability could not achieve this alone but he hoped that it would at least become a small boost to aid the cub as he worked hard.

“Tiuh!” The kuhti cub looked up and lightly flapped his wings as he, with the same firm tone, answered Xie Luan. He would make sure to continue to practice hard, so that in the future, the youth would not have to kneel down in order to pick him up, he would fly into his arms by himself!

Including the two eggs still being nurtured in the hatching room, there were now thirteen cubs in the club, and although the kuhti cub had recently taken up a lot of his time, Xie Luan’s attention was still mainly on the nox cub.

The reasons for this were quite simple. Firstly, because the cub had recently hatched and was more vulnerable than the older cubs. Secondly, because the golden ball had declared the nox cub to be his final guidance.

This nox cub may be the root of the destruction of this world or the key to saving it.

If Xie Luan had been a resident of this high-technological world, then he would certainly not have believed that such a God existed and if contacted, would not have believed a word.

But he was not.

He had experienced the establishment of a spiritual link and traveled between two worlds. He therefore certainly believed and took this guidance very seriously.

The nox cub had grown a lot in this last half month and was now larger than the average rabbit. He was almost the size of a four month old kitten and Xie Luan could no longer hold him with just one hand.

Holding the cub in his arms, Xie Luan habitually touched the cub’s back and followed the spine to touch the cub’s fluffy little tail. He then said the other’s name. “Ya Yi.”

The nox cub hardly interacted with the other cubs and was neither as lively and active as them. He seemed to like sticking close to Xie Luan more and no matter what he did, be it closing doors properly or even locking them, somehow he would still wake up with a fluffball on his chest every morning.

When he opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was always those piercing pale blue eyes. He seemed to have been watching him for a long period and every time their eyes met for the first time in the morning, the nox cub’s two vertical pupils would tighten further and become even more slender.

Xie Luan had been concerned about this behavior of his, especially when the cub still needed to stay in the hatching room. But seeing as it could not be prevented, Xie Luan had simply decided to take the cub with him when he went back to his room in the evening. It wasn’t ideal but he felt that it was at least better than having the cub run over in the middle of the cold night.

When Xie Luan touched the cub’s tail, the cub had slightly moved. But as the reaction was not obvious, Xie Luan did not notice it.

“Meeah.” Hearing the youth call his name, the nox cub responded in a low tone.

In order to better take care of the cubs in the club and supplement his lacking knowledge as a caretaker, Xie Luan had recently brought a “Cub Encyclopedia” on the starnet.

Although the book described the various races’ habits, preferences, etc. Xie Luan did not know if the information was 100% applicable to reality, he therefore planned to only use the book as a reference and slowly try to figure out the cubs by interacting with them.

Unfortunately, even though the book claimed to have information about cubs from every race, Xie Luan could not find anything related to nox cubs in the book.

However, thinking about the fact that the nox basically got extinct more than thirty years ago, as well as all the destruction and trauma they caused, Xie Luan could understand why they had not included nox cubs in the encyclopedia.

But even after searching online, Xie Luan could not find any relevant information about the nox race, only a few useless words.

The Star Alliance did not want anyone to be reminded of such a dangerous race and the events that followed, they had therefore blocked all information about the nox race on the starnet.

Xie Luan could only fly blind.

The know cub held in his arms did not behave like the other cubs and this was the main reason that he had wanted to know more about his race, he had wanted to see if this was normal, and if not, what may have caused it.

Now that the kuhti cub had been integrated into the club and had started to train more independently, Xie Luan was freer.

While Xie Luan was using his spiritual power on him, Zarad lowered his gaze to look at the nox cub resting in the other’s arms. He had not had a chance to talk to him about the nox race yet as it had seemingly been very hectic for Xie Luan recently. But now that it had calmed down, Zarad wanted to take the opportunity. He therefore waited until Xie Luan was done with today’s session and then brought it up.

“The nox cub’s egg was indeed sent to the nursing club ranked third, but for some reason, it made its way to our club.” Xia Qi had actually already told him the specific reasons as to why the egg got transferred to their club, however he did not want to mention it in the presence of the cub.

It was quite sad.

When the nox cub was still in his egg, he had been moved around a lot, many clubs directly refused nursing him and even the clubs that took him in generally sent him away after only a couple of weeks. The egg therefore eventually made its way to their club where it finally permanently stayed.

Xie Luan wanted to shield the cub from this, he didn’t need to know of those things, the cub had now found his home, that was all that mattered.

Zarad nodded in understanding to his words. Even if Xie Luan had not said anything, he could basically guess why the cub had made his way to this club. However, it wasn’t that important, he had only asked this question in order to start a conversation so that what he wanted to say next would not be as awkward and out of the blue.

From the first time he saw the young man interacting with the nox cub, Zarad had been worried that the other might have no knowledge of the nox race.

After all, the human youth in front of him looked very young and it had been many years since the Star Alliance had launched an information blockade of the nox race. Zarad therefore felt that the youth’s understanding of the nox race might be very limited.

To avoid that the youth’s ignorance would possibly bring him any kind of danger, Zarad had for a while now wanted to share some of his knowledge of the race. The young man was after all his amazing benefactor that had been helping him restore his abilities. Zarad certainly did not want anything to happen to him.

The nox race was in fact superior in both technology and abilities. Even though many people now spoke of them with a condescending and hateful tone, they could not deny that this race had once built a powerful and unprecedentedly prosperous empire.

The other races needed to work hard in order to develop abilities, however the noxes did not have to do anything. They naturally developed them soon after hatching and unlike the other races which had individuals who were unable to ever develop abilities, every person in the nox race got abilities.

The fact that it was so easy for the noxes to acquire abilities was already enough to induce jealousy in the other races but the fact that they had not used that power for the right things was what made everyone despise them so much.

However just as much as they despised them, they also feared them. It was very dangerous to have so much power and not use it properly.

Even if the nox, who was being held in the youth’s arms, was only a cub, the danger still existed. Anyone who witnessed the events that transpired more than 30 years ago, knew exactly how crazy the nox race really was…

After finishing what he had wanted to say, Zarad had expected the human youth in front of him to nod in understanding, but he instead received an unexpected response.

Xie Luan had with scrunched eyebrows remained silent for a while, but he then suddenly shook his head and simply said to him, “I hope you won’t show any prejudice to this cub just because of what you think of his race.”

During their conversation, Xie Luan had felt as if the tail wrapped around his wrist had tightened slightly. He wasn’t entirely sure that it was related to what Zarad had said, after all, in theory, this nox cub shouldn’t be able to understand what they were saying, but it still felt as if his heart had been squeezed. Xie Luan therefore stoke the cub’s back even more gently than usual and warned Zarad.

Zarad originally wanted to explain that it was not about prejudice, but normal vigilance. However, as his line of sight was drawn down to the youth’s moving hand that was stroking the cub’s head, he was suddenly met with two light cyan eyes and Zarad couldn’t help but be stunned.

Those eyes were emitting a piecing cold feeling and even Zarad, who had interacted with many shrewd people, felt it difficult to see past it and read the cub’s true emotions…

That look really didn’t belong in the eyes of a cub, but knowing that he was a nox cub, Zarad was not too surprised.

In general, the cub period of each race had a fixed time period. For example, the kuhti cub’s was fifteen years, the takila’s was twenty-two and the saiwei’s was seventeen years.

The human race did not have a cub period as they had a humanoid form since birth, but most of the races in the interstellar had one. The cub period varied a lot from race to race and the longest cub period known was thirty-one years.

The nox race also had a cub period, however they were different from the other races. Not only did they not have a fixed time for the period, but it was also usually very short.

The noxes relied on their ability and as long as it reached a certain point, the cubs would be able to advance into humanoid form and directly enter adulthood. Due to this short cub period, the nox cubs’ minds also matured much earlier than other races.

Xie Luan was still unaware of this last fact and did not believe that the cub could understand them, but Zarad was certain, why else would the cub exert such a cold feeling? He could even feel a sense of danger emitting from the cub…

However, just as he thought this, the youth touched the cub’s tail, and suddenly the sense of danger disappeared. He could even hear how the nox cub made a low affectionate sound from his throat and the cub seemed more feeble.

Wait a minute… touching the tail?

He suddenly vaguely remembered something about the nox race’s tail, however he put the thought on hold as he first had to nod in order to answer Xie Luan’s silent gaze.

Even though he did not feel that it was prejudice, he did not argue. He would have to work at this branch for a long time and he did not want any disagreement with the person that was not only his benefactor but also the investor and Vice President of the club.

It could be seen that the cub was really docile and obedient when facing the youth, Zarad therefore couldn’t help but think that maybe he really did not pose a threat when it came to the youth.

Seeing Zarad nod with a serious expression, Xie Luan relaxed.

The other employees in the club had actually had a similar reaction when they first got to know that a nox cub stayed at this club. However, after Xie Luan had talked to them, they had all been understanding and thereafter tried to treat the nox cub the same way they treated all the other cubs.

The hatred for the nox race was widely spread and although Xie Luan couldn’t change the opinions of every person out there, he wanted to at least change the views of the employees in their club and create a safe space, a home, for this nox cub.

Even if the whole world was raining, as long as he stood next to the cub with an umbrella, the cub would not get wet.

In the evening he, as usual, took the nox cub with him back to his room. But even if he did not take the initiative, the cub would still somehow come to his room in the middle of the night.

Xie Luan did not know why the cub did this, but he thought that it might be because he often went to apply the nutrient solution when the cub was still in his egg. His presence at that time must have somehow made the cub imprint on him even before hatching, it was the only explanation, for why else would the cub have such a cuddling complex… Or was it normal for a nox cub to be so sticky?

Well, Xie Luan didn’t really mind. He had already changed all the employees’ mattress to single beds and although a single bed would be a little tight if two people were to squeeze in, it was more than enough for one person and a small cub.

As the bed was placed against a wall, Xie Luan had decided to lay on the outer side and let the cub sleep on the inside. This in order to prevent the cub from accidentally falling off the bed in the middle of the night.

Before going to sleep, Xie Luan thought about what happened this morning and reached over and lifted the white fluffy cub up to eye level.

Meeting those light cyan eyes, Xie Luan softened his voice and said in a serious tone. “Your birth was longed for and you will grow up with love.”

Although he didn’t think the cub could understand what he was saying, Xie Luan still wanted to tell him this.

“Meah.” Half-hooking his tail around the youth’s wrist, the cub called out to him.

Hearing the cub’s juvenile voice, Xie Luan smiled and planted a kiss on the cub’s head before putting him back down. When he pulled up the quilt, he also partially covered the cub, like he would have done for a human, and then said good night.

After he had turned off the lights and laid down, the room became very quiet and dark. Xie Luan closed his eyes and in this peaceful environment it did not take long for his breathing to become light.

When he woke up the next morning, Xie Luan immediately felt that something was not right. Although he was still in a sleepy state and had not yet opened his eyes, he could feel that the bed suddenly felt small. It had been very warm under the covers and he had wanted to move away from the heat source only to find that there was no space left.

What is happening??

Without opening his eyes, he reached out his hand to feel. Even in his muddled state he remembered that the only thing laying beside him should be the nox cub but what he felt was not the fluffy fur he had expected…

It was still soft but instead of coming in contact with the warmth of the cub’s body, it was cool, it felt a bit like… hair?

His drowsiness was still strong, but he managed to open his eyes a little and take a look at his hand.


It didn’t take long for Xie Luan to realize that something was seriously wrong and he quickly looked up only to meet a pair of light cyan eyes. In the moment that their eyes met, the other’s pupils tightened.

Those eyes, so familiar…

Xie Luan widened his eyes, he was suddenly completely awake and every detail of the situation came rushing at him.

There was a very handsome young man lying next to him, he had gleaming silver hair and enchanting eyes. Pale blue, they were so beautiful, almost like jewels, so clean and clear, however there was a tad of cold luster in them that added an intriguing sharp edge…

Xie Luan looked at the man for what must have been at least ten minutes, and then suddenly everything fell into place.


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