CRA Chapter 23

Leaving for Orte

It must be said that the Sea Blue universal medicine was very effective. After Xie Luan drank it, he only needed to rest under the quilt for some hours and by evening, his fever was almost completely gone.

Along with it, most of the dizziness dispersed, and Xie Luan gradually started to come to his senses. At this time, he suddenly noticed a cold touch against his left cheek.

Noticing he was holding a cold object, Xie Luan instantly opened his eyes and shifted his gaze to the object in his arms.

What came into his view was a scale covered silver tail, similar to that of a dragon…

“…” It took a moment for his brain to register what it was and during this quiet moment, Xie Luan followed the object with his eyes, all the way from where it emerged from under the quilt, up to the slightly tilted tip parallel to his head.

The silver tail was obediently being held in his arms and appeared to in no way resist being treated like this.

His still fuzzy brain finally started questioning where the owner of the tail was. He dizzily scanned the room and then turned his head to look behind him.

Cyan eyes.

He was very close to the other person’s face and instantly came eye to eye with a pair of pale cyan eyes. Beautiful. They were as bright and clear as the winter sky. It was a very nice pair of eyes. They had a certain luster to them, and although it was not very distinct, it made one feel as if the owner of them was watching something very important.

Ya Yi did not divert his gaze and instead quietly met Xie Luan’s stare.

Xie Luan’s dizzy mind finally put the pieces together. While he was feverish, he must have been drawn to the silver tail and forcefully grabbed ahold of it in order to use it as an ice pack. With this realization, his mind at once became clear and he instantly let go of it.

Holding his hands up in front of him, Xie Luan felt slightly embarrassed. It would probably be good to explain himself.. but how?

As Xie Luan was struggling with this, he suddenly felt his left cheek being touched…

The other’s cheek was softly rubbing against his own.

Xie Luan had seen this action before, it was similar to what most cubs did in order to express closeness and dependence. However, the one doing it was undoubtedly in adult form, and suddenly having such an intimate action done to him made Xie Luan unconsciously tense up.

Seeing his reaction, Ya Yi momentarily paused. But after the initial response, Xie Luan did not reject it and let the adult nox rub his cheek.

It did not last long, he only gently rubbed his cheek twice. He then withdrew and positioned his head close to Xie Luan’s ear.

“Ah Luan.” He said this slowly. His low voice held a cold penetrative feeling, but the way he said it made one feel as if it had immense importance.

Ya Yi said these two words to the human youth in his arms.

It was his first words and he wanted him to hear them.

Not expecting that the other would suddenly say his name, Xie Luan was stunned. But before he had the chance to react, the adult nox behind him disappeared and a small white cub emerged from behind his back, promptly climbing into his arms.

“Meaah.” Snuggling into the youth’s embrace, the fluffy cub called out to him.

When faced with his cute cub form, Xie Luan lost all will to reject him, and he lifted his hand, not to push him off, but to reach out and feel the small horns on the nox cub’s head. After briefly playing with them, he then let his fingers follow the curve of the cub’s neck down to his back. His fluffy fur was very soft to the touch.

The nox cub, who was petted by the youth, made a low sound from his throat and the silky tail behind him immediately rose, the tip slightly tilted at the end.

The fever may have come suddenly but did not stay for long. After a day and night of resting, Xie Luan had almost completely recovered and as he still planned on going to the competition, he was busy organizing the three cubs’ flying practices.

Before he got sick, he had gone onto the starnet in order to search for anything related to the flying competition. While browsing through the information and tips, he found that if they wanted the cubs to get good positions in the competition, it was necessary to properly prepare them and practice in advance.

In order to add difficulty and make the competition more interesting, as well as thoroughly test the cubs’ flying abilities, the race track for the competition was not so simple as to be straight or only have a few curves, that would be too easy.

So, to not have their club’s cubs being completely unfamiliar with the track, Xie Luan carefully studied the videos from the past five years’ competitions.

The race course was different every year, but no matter how the course changed, there were things that remained the same, such as the way they calculated the score and the difficulty of the track.

Where the competition was held was selected by the ones in charge of organizing it for the year. Like ordinary races, the track had a start and a goal.

However, the ranking gained in the competition was not only based on when they arrived at the finish line, it was also based on the points the cub obtained while getting there.

So how was the score calculated?

Well, throughout the track, many circles made by something similar to golden mist could be found. Each time a cub flew through one of those golden rings, they would get a point.

However, the circles did not always stay put. They often abruptly disappeared after a cub had passed through them and sometimes they would pop up in tricky places, such as vertically above or a place that would require an instant turn.

The circles that suddenly disappeared and appeared in tricky places were actually the most difficult part of the competition and it was precisely this that Xie Luan wanted to prepare them for.

“Did you understand?” Xie Luan was holding the three cubs in his arms in front of them was the connector. It was playing a video of the contest that he had specially edited, and when it ended he lowered his head to ask them this.

The video he had made contained all the difficult situations that appeared in the previous year’s competition as well as the cubs who at that time had successfully handled it. Xie Luan had worked overtime last night in order to finish it.

“Tiuh!” The three cubs raised their head and responded in union.

“Then let’s practice together.” Xie Luan touched the cubs’ little heads and put them down on the grass in the courtyard.

He did not consider practicing before the competition to be immoral or unjust since it was something anyone could do.

At this year’s competition there would certainly be cubs who had participated before and were experienced in it. Because of this, Xie Luan felt that he needed to prepare their cubs and give them as much of an advantage as he could, he did not want them to lose before they even started.

Hearing the youth say that they were going to practice for the competition, the three cubs who were placed on the lawn, gathered their wings together and put on a very serious look. If it wasn’t for the fact that they were about to train, Xie Luan felt that he would not be able to stop himself from kneeling down to hug these three adorable creatures.

Still, his lips could not resist bending a little. Xie Luan had to put great effort into suppressing this reaction as he began to guide the cubs through the flying practice.

They mainly practiced sudden rises, rapid turns, abrupt changes, and so on. The daily practices continued for a week and soon the time for the flying competition at last arrived.

“Ah Luan, you should come back as early as possible, otherwise the cubs left behind will be troubled. If that happens, we won’t be able to handle it.” As she sent off the youth, Xia Qi said this with a helpless expression.

That she said this sentence was not without reason. On the day the youth fell ill, all of the cubs playing in the living room expectantly glanced towards the door from time to time, starting from early morning. By afternoon, the cubs started restlessly gathering close to the door and if someone tried to move them, they would slip away only to soon return to their place by the door. The cubs sat there staring at the door for hours, whimpering and calling out for the youth.

The three cubs nestled in the small house had taken it particularly hard. Even though they did not sit with the other cubs, they were the ones that most persistently called out for the youth. Every once in a while they would even fly over and slam into the closed door.

The caretakers had been at a loss of what to do. It was only after they explained to the cubs several times that the youth was sick but that he would definitely be better soon, that they were able to somewhat soothe them.

“I’m going to bring Peipei and the other two to Orte in order to participate in a competition. I will be back soon.” Looking at the fluffy cubs surrounding him and the muka cub sitting obediently next to them, Xie Luan reached out to pat them.

Next, he went to the indoor swimming pool. As soon as he approached, the mermaid cub swam to the edge. Touching the cub’s wet golden hair, Xie Luan repeated what he had told the other cubs.

Most of them took it quite well, however, there was one that was more reluctant.

The nox cub had stuck to him all morning. This had not really been a problem but now, all packed and ready to go, Xie Luan looked down at the white fluffy cub nestled in his arms.

“Meah.” The cub half-hooked his small tail around Xie Luan’s wrist and attentively looked up at him with his bright light blue eyes.

Meeting those eyes and feeling the small tail around his wrist, Xie Luan yielded.

After his surrender, the cub took the initiative to climb up onto his left shoulder. Once in place, he satisfyingly crouched down, his small tail slightly tilted behind him.

So, with a white fluffy ball on his shoulder and three different colored fluffballs in his arms, Xie Luan arrived at the nearest airport and took a commercial starship to Orte.


Translator’s note:

Ya Yi finally said his first words!! ?

It took some chapters but we finally got to see it, I guess he waited for the right moment, haha, so sly, I love it.

By the way, it will soon be Christmas and since Sweden has some weird traditions, let’s have a cultural exchange!!

1. We celebrate on the evening of the 24th, not in the morning.

2. Santa doesn’t come during the night, he comes and hands them out personally. (Which means that I kinda figured out that he wasn’t real at age two because I recognized my aunt in a beard)

3. We have a Christmas ham instead of turkey. (maybe some other country also has it?)

4. Some Swedes dance around the Christmas tree while singing about how frogs don’t have ears or tails. (I have a strict rule to only do this at midsummer when I get to jump like frogs around a big flower dressed pen*s… ehem, look it up if you don’t believe me…)

So, does your country or family also have any weird traditions? Can it beat number four? I’m very curious. (>^ω^<)

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  5. My country’s traditions are:

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    2: “Santa” delivers presents at midnight on the 24th, piled under the tree. Stockings are hung from a mantelpiece if you have one, and are filled with goodies like candy or very small toys.

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    Kutyu is prepared to commemorate the dead relatives, as well as ask them for blessings and health.
    Ellen we eat Kutja, we ask our relatives to protect us and help in life, bless us for a good year.
    Also, young people go den in Ukrainian folk costumes, with a star for six, accompanied by a line, a priest, a goat, and many other characters from our folk tales. Also, the Nativity Scene caroling (колядовать) sends counter wheat or barley, it is a symbol of the fact that wealth and health come to the house.
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  19. In the Philippines, the Christmas season start at September.
    We have this thing called Simbang Gabi or Night Mass that happens every night before Christmas for 9 days. Many go every night and some say if you do then you’ll get your wish granted.
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  20. This is kitty making his claim:

    [After his surrender, the cub took the initiative to climb up onto his left shoulder. Once in place, he satisfyingly crouched down, his small tail slightly tilted behind him.

    So, with a white fluffyball on his shoulder and three different colored fluffyballs in his arms, Xie Tao arrived at the nearest airport and took a commercial starship to Orte.]


    My family is pretty secular, we don’t do the church thing. But many do.

    When we used to get together with all my cousins and such after age 15 you didn’t get a bunch of gifts. You got to take part in the adult game. Everyone who qualifies buys a gift, some are what they want others are joke gifts. People draw lots and you go in order of picking the gifts. Thing is, you can steal other people’s gifts. You can’t steal it back. After being stolen 3 times it can’t be stolen again. But you can make deals with other players for after the game. Many a family feud started this way.

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    Many families in Mexico are catholics so some of the traditions include:

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    2- Besides the Christmas tree it’s common to decorate with a “nacimiento”, wich is a representation of baby Jesus’s birth with small figurines. My grandma goes all out here, she basically makes a small valley full of animal figurines, small houses, wells, even a river (with real water), and a little cave for the Devil (yes, that’s right, Satan is there too, this scared me as a child), and of course angels, Maria, Jose and baby Jesus. It’s all there.

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  23. The translator is going back through the story and changing their name to Xie Luan, as that is a closer representation of their name I think

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