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Happy new year!! ?

I hope that you have had a good year and if not, well, now you get a new chance. I have never written a new year greeting before but I will try, ahem:

May this year bring a lot of happiness, tons of BL and a sea of fluff. May it be a new beginning, may a truck hit us, a meteor crash into our yard and a system invade our body. May us be smashed, murdered and poisoned. May us choke on a chicken bone. May it be the happiest, most adventurous year of our life. ^ ^

As a new year’s red packet, I give you this teaser for chapter 26, enjoy! ♡

●        ●        ●

“Mister, the madam asked me to remind you to go onto the Star Network’s live broadcast platform and watch channel 266 this afternoon. May I ask if you want to do this now?” In the living room, the butler glanced at the connector that had specially been placed on the living room table by the madam and approached the man in order to carefully inquire about this.

Channel 226?

Tanner frowned. He had a vague impression of this live broadcast channel, but it had been a long time since he last visited it and even after thinking deeply he could not remember what was broadcasted on it.

Eventually he gave a slow nod and put away the document in his hand.

The butler brought a tea set and after being served, Tanner leaned back and leisurely took a seep as he waited for the other to set it up.

He did not know why his wife had specially arranged for him to be reminded to watch a live broadcast. But he was not busy for the moment and if his wife wanted him to watch it, then it certainly must be for a good reason.

He and Fuya’s marriage could be regarded as an arranged marriage.

The Waren family had financial resources and the Leicester was a renowned deep rooted family. On the surface it looked like a mutual beneficial arrangement. However, for Fuya to marry him, was in fact still a quite low marriage for someone with her background.

The reason for this was that it was not something planned by the Leicester family. As the only daughter of the old master and the youngest in the family, Fuya had been favored by the elders of the Leicester family. She had therefore been given the freedom to choose by herself who she wanted to marry and she had chosen him.

At that time, he had already become the master of the Waren family and he had been relatively indifferent towards his marriage partner at first. For him, marriage was a way to tie two families together in a mutual beneficial relationship. He had felt that it did not matter which family’s young lady he married, it was enough as long as they respected each other after marriage.

But after marrying his present wife and living with her for so long, Tanner could not deny that he had developed certain feelings for her.

The connector on the living room table was started by the butler and after entering the platform and jumping to channel 266, a live video immediately appeared on the virtual screen.

As soon as he laid eyes on it, Tanner was stunned.

It was the Cub Flying Competition.

At this time, the vague impression in Tanner’s heart became clear, the channel had looked familiar since it was there that the flying competition broadcasted live every year.

Because of the matter regarding their cub, Tanner had not paid attention to the competition for the past two years, or more accurately, had deliberately avoided it. Suddenly seeing it awoke complex feelings in his heart.

What was the meaning of this?

Seeing the flying competition only made him think of his three year old cub who could still not fly. Tanner immediately felt a bit depressed.

He did not want to watch the live broadcast, but knowing that his wife wanted him to see it, Tanner endured and in the end did not make the butler turn off the connector.

The competition was close to ending either way, the only thing left was for the committee to announce the results.

With the thought of completing his wife’s request, Tanner lowered his head and unhurriedly poured himself some tea as he listened to the voice of the competition’s host.

Sure enough, by the time the awarding session began he had already calmed down and remained unmoved even when hearing “first place” and “score”. He had gone back to wearing his usual cold unsmiling face, nothing could faze him now.

“The name of the record breaking contestant and the winner of this year’s competition is…”

●        ●        ●

Rest of it will be published on Friday as usual ^^


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  3. Happy New Year!
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