CRA Chapter 71 – part 2

Thanks for all the well wishes, I’ve had a low fever throughout the week and a sore throat but no severe symptoms. I can never decide if my body is unusually weak or unusually healthy. Despite being almost OCD when it comes to cleanliness, I often get sick, but I almost never get extremely sick?? However, it always lasts long… Ah, my body is weird.

Anyway, I have some big news– The presale of the hard copy of the original novel (幼崽护养协会) has started!

One set includes– 2 volumes, a cub raising guide, a cub sticker set, and a signed card.

It can be ordered here:

I have already brought it, it actually became a bit tricky as they only ship to China and North America, but luckily a family friend in texas was kind enough to agree to ship it to me. When it arrives in a few months, I will make sure to take a lot of pics. ><

Here is part 2 of chapter 71~


1. Once again, they only ship to China and North America. You can consider finding a company or ask someone to forward it to you as I did. (warning it may become expensive, I’m estimating this will probably cost me at least $60)

2. For NORTH AMERICA: Under [是否需要代购转寄] when filling in the details, LEAVE IT BLANK. For CHINA: Under [是否需要代购转寄] when filling in the details, FILL IN [是] (without the brackets).

2. PRICE (not including shipping unless you are using a mainland china address):
-first week: 33.99 CAD
-after one week: 34.99 CAD (presale period ends on June 25)
-normal sales period: 35.99 CAD

3. The books will be ready in 3-5 months. In the meanwhile, you can change your address as you like by contacting customer service via email. About a week before the actual shipping, the publisher will inform you on their weibo to submit final changes to the address if there are any.

4. Payment Methods: 1) Credit cards/AMEX 2) Paypal 3) Alipay

5. If you purchase it within the first week you will also get the author´s signature.

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  1. if you have any kind of congestion, I suggest breathing steam to get it out of your lungs. Covid does its damage by sitting in your lungs, breaking down the tissues. Most people die on day 18 after symptoms begin.

      1. Lol, it sounded like you gave me a prognosis. Lalala, if that happens I do this, bam, most people die on day 18. It was so unexpected, I laughed to hard reading it.

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