CRA Chapter 66

Just hug him

The battle was over, the four dangerous people with malicious intentions were bound and locked up in a small room at the village. The immobilized mukas who had been unlucky enough to go through the incident were now back to normal.

Xie Luan merely felt that they were more scared than hurt and was glad that they got there in time.

However, he found that the nox who had stayed close next to him ever since they returned to the village, following him like a little chick following their mother, seemed to still be in battle mode.

His pupils were narrowed and his handsome face slightly taut, he was still giving off the stiff and cold feeling he had in the battle just now.

This kind of feeling was not safe at all, you could basically see the dangerous signals emitting from the other’s body. But although he was in this state, the nox was still staying close to Xie Luan.

Actually, Xie Luan had already noticed the state of this nox on the way back, but the situation at that time had been very inconvenient. Wanting to bring the other back to the village first, he had put it off for later.

Back in his room, Xie Luan opened his arms to the muka cub who had made a low hissing sound at him. The large cub lowered his head and lightly snuggled into his embrace once.

Xie Luan raised his hand to touch the head of the muka cub. He then patted the inside of the bed and said in a warm voice, “Nick should go to bed.”

Hearing the youth’s words, the muka cub responded with a very low sound from his throat. After looking towards the spot the youth had patted with his scarlet eye, the muka cub very obediently laid down on the bed.

The scarlet eyes did not make Xie Luan feel frightened in the least. When the muka cub obediently laid down on the bed, Xie Luan at once covered the cub with a quilt and gently patted and coaxed the cub a few times to close his eyes.

Finished coaxing the cub, Xie Luan directed all of his attention to Ya Yi who was standing in front of him.

The nox’s current state was abnormal. In addition to appearing to still be in battle mode, from his slightly narrowed azure eyes, Xie Luan felt that this nox in front of him also seemed to be holding something back.

It was abnormal and at the same time also dangerous.

Xie Luan did not know what could have caused this situation, but he at this time chose to extend a hand and grab the nox’s left wrist.

Almost at the same time, Xie Luan looked up and met that pair of light azure eyes with narrowed pupils. The two eyes who lacked luster and warmth were watching him with a steadfast gaze.

For a split second, Xie Luan felt like a prey being stared at by a predator.

In this abnormal state, the nox looked like a dangerous beast ready to tear out the throat of the prey at any moment. But Xie Luan continued to face the pair of azure eyes and his grip around the other’s wrist did not loosen.

“Ya Yi.”

Clearly calling out the other’s name, Xie Luan’s voice was very soft and unhurried. He was trying to appease this nox.

He could not say that he hadn’t sensed the dangerous signals emitting from the other’s body, but the fact that the nox had still obediently followed him all this time made Xie Luan feel like for him the danger was limited.

Hearing the voice of the youth as well as him calling his name this way, Ya Yi did not move and his azure eyes were still steadily gazing at the youth opposite him. But at this moment, the thin tightened pupils could be seen slightly relaxing.

Receiving a reaction from the other, Xie Luan looked at the nox who seemed to have been appeased by him a bit but was still unable to completely break away from his abnormal state and simply directly stepped closer to the other.

The nox didn’t resist his touch and when Xie Luan had grabbed his wrist he had also not attacked. He merely stared at him.

Xie Luan couldn’t coax an adult, he only knew how to coax cubs. Now facing the nox who needed to be appeased, he could only resort to trying to use the way he coaxed cubs first.

He lifted his hand and touched the long silver hair of the nox. Xie Luan first touched the silver hair under the gaze of the azure eyes, he then moved his hand to the other’s head. While touching the other’s head, he put a little strength into it in order to get the nox to lower his head and lightly rest his forehead on his left shoulder.

After completing this series of actions, Xie Luan only then, when they both were in this kind of posture, gave it a go and calmly raised his hand to pet and touch the soft silver hair of the nox.

The nox’s body was at first still a little tense and stiff, but after having his hair touched by Xie Luan for a long time, his tense body gradually relaxed at last. Just like a dangerous beast slowly becoming docile.

At this angle, Xie Luan could clearly see the small black mark exposed at the lower side of the nox’s neck.

The color of the mark was darker than when Xie Luan had first seen it, but as the nox was gradually appeased by him, he found that the totem slowly changed back to the relatively light color from his memory.

However he was not given any time to think about it. Just as he discovered this matter, Xie Luan suddenly felt something around his waist.

Actually, he did not need to look down in order to know that the thing encircling his waist was certainly a silver tail, but Xie Luan still reflexively lowered his line of sight.

He was barely able to catch a quick glimpse of cold silver before his whole field of vision without warning turned upside down.

His back was plastered against the soft bed and his waist was still encircled by the silver tail. Not at all prepared for the owner of this silver tail to suddenly push him down onto the bed, Xie Luan was now obviously stunned.

He definitely had to appease him. The current development was very unexpected to Xie Luan and the next second he felt a slightly cool and soft touch at the corner of his mouth, pausing his actions.

Xie Luan did not just feel this soft touch once, but several times in succession. Ya Yi who had pressed down the youth, was lowering his head and lightly pecking the youth’s lips.

His action of pecking the youth’s lips was very careful. As he kissed him, the nox also marked the youth with his scent.

It wasn’t until Xie Luan reacted that the light pecking on his lips stopped. The reason he had stopped him was because he had out of the corner of his eyes seen that the muka cub next to them had at some point opened his eyes again and was now looking towards them with his scarlet eyes.

When the youth had been pressed down just now, the bed had vibrated which made the muka cub open his eyes again.

However the large cub still very obediently nestled in his original position and did not move, he just looked at his parents nearby.

The cub was watching. [T/N: * Horrified whisper* ]

Having a general idea of what the scene might look like in the eyes of the muka cub, Xie Luan’s left eye subconsciously twitched.

However, this scene did not remain for very long. Xie Luan saw the nox on top of him at last lay down beside him, the silver tail still around his waist. The nox then reached out and pulled him close.

Since the cub was watching, they naturally did not move after this. The muka cub would obediently close his eyes and go to sleep soon.

Reassured by this, Xie Luan directed his attention back at the nox hugging him. Just now he had actually, with great difficulty, been able to partially pacify the nox who was in an abnormal state. Now that he looked up and met the two cyan eyes, the contracted pupils in them seemed to have already eased a lot.

Just hug him.

Thinking this, Xie Luan was hugged like this by the nox beside him and slept throughout the night.

Waking up to find that they were still in this position, Xie Luan gave a low cough and touched the silver tail encircling his waist. The tail willingly let go of him and Xie Luan was then able to get up from the bed.

Before the Star Alliance dispatch came to retrieve the four wanted criminals, Duke spared no effort to squeeze out the remaining value out of the four.

First of all, the other’s space button was naturally confiscated. This space button still contained a few baseda ores which had been snatched from them earlier.

Next, Duke also pried out the information regarding the hidden property from the leader of the group. The other had buried a large amount of money on a small planet, enough for him to establish another star pirate gang.

Lastly, Duke had the four plant trees with them.

Once the members of the Star Alliance arrived, according to the crimes they had committed, these four would certainly have to stay in the Star Alliance prison for the rest of their lives. Duke felt that he had already shown them enough kindness by letting them have a lot of outdoor activities now.

Planting trees in the uninhabited area between the village and the mine had been Xie Luan’s idea. After explaining the benefits of increasing this planet’s vegetational coverage, the mukas in the village were eager to do it.

As a result, from that day on, there were adult mukas from the village who went to the wilderness in order to plant small saplings.

Originally, Xie Luan was considering whether to bring some saplings from his world which were suitable as windbreaks for sand fixation, such as the populus euphratica. But he found that there were plants more apt for this task in this world.

On the planet the shuren race resided on, there was a kind of tree called darrow tree. It had high adaptability to its surroundings and the saplings grew quickly after being planted. It was also very excellent as a windbreak for sand fixation.

Xie Luan helped to plant saplings as well. This planet was the home of the muka cub next to him. Although one person had limited power, he too wished to help the planet by adding a little green.

“Right, then Nick can put the sapling in.”

After planting a tree, Xie Luan taught the muka cub next to him how to plant a small sapling by himself.

Holding the small sapling and correctly placing it into the pit, the muka cub then properly filled it with soil just like the youth had shown him. Like this, the planting could be regarded as complete.

Seeing the cub finish the task, Xie Luan quickly praised the muka cub. When the cub then lowered his head and snuggled into his arms, Xie Luan at once raised his hand and lightly patted the cub’s sharp forearm.

The originally very open wilderness was now filled with many small saplings.

According to the growth period of darrow trees, if there was no mishap, after about half a year this place would probably be much greener and full of life.

Looking at these saplings planted by the mukas, Xie Luan wandered through the, for now, desolate wilderness. As he walked, his eyes happened to be drawn to a speck of pure white not far away.

A little white flower gently swaying in the wind, blooming in the wilderness. In itself, it was actually not very eye-catching. But once noticed, the flower growing among the desolate wilderness would seem particularly beautiful.

A sense of beauty full of vitality. In the eyes of Xie Luan, it was indeed very beautiful.

As Xie Luan was looking at the flower, he noticed that the nox’s line of sight was directed towards him.

“This, do you like it?” Pointing to the little white flower that was softly swaying in the wind not far away, Xie Luan uttered the question to Ya Yi who was standing beside him.

Xie Luan discovered that he actually didn’t really know what the nox liked as he never spoke about it.

Most of the time, the nox liked to follow him around and while doing this the nox was usually relatively quiet. Even though he may look indifferent in his adult form, this nox also really seemed to like sticking close to him.

Hearing the youth’s voice, Ya Yi turned to look at the flower and nodded his head.

Actually, he didn’t particularly have any feeling of like or dislike for the flower, but as he thought Xie Luan liked it, this nox nodded his head after looking at it.

When seeing the other nodding, Xie Luan habitually raised his hand to touch the silver hair of the nox and calmly said, “It’s good to say what you like and want sometimes, this way others, like me, can know what you’re thinking.”

Xie Luan said this hoping that the nox could express himself a little more in the future, so that he would be able to know what the other liked and disliked.

Everyone has different preferences. If you live your life doing what you like, your days will be filled with happiness. Xie Luan wanted to know this nox’s preferences so that he could then make adjustments accordingly.

But almost the second Xie Luan finished speaking, his waist was once again suddenly encircled by the silver tail. The two were originally very close and Xie Luan was now encircled and pulled even closer by the nox standing in front of him.

Xie Luan was slightly stunned, but he came to just in time to hear the nox’s cold and low voice.



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