CRA Chapter 55

They´re useful now

The silver tail he unwittingly observed had suddenly moved in front of him. Xie Luan was a beat slow to respond. He moved his eyes to the ice-cold texture of the tail.

To touch or not to touch….. Xie Luan touched.

Before he even noticed what he was doing, Xie Luan had already put his hand on the silver tail and gently stroked it twice.

The tail under his hand was cold to the touch. This silver scaled covered tail possessed considerable offensive power, the nox tail was a dangerous weapon, feared by all the other races when in battle.

However, the tail was very docile at this moment. When touched by the youth, almost all aggressiveness disappeared and it stayed completely still, only the tip would slightly tilt upwards.

If asked why he touched it, it would be hard for Xie Luan to give a specific reason.

It could only be said that when the silver tail had moved closer to him, clearly expressing “I will let you touch it”, he had unconsciously stretched out his hand.

Having his tail touched, the nox squinted his eyes slightly, his narrowed pale blue-green eyes reflecting the youth’s figure. He quietly watched every movement of the youth.

After stroking two times, Xie Luan came back to his senses and stopped himself.

Ya Yi had put his tail forward because he had thought that the youth wanted to touch it and now that the youth no longer touched, this nox moved the silver tail back behind his body.

“Compared to when you are a cub, they are a bit bigger.”

After a low cough, Xie Luan once again put his eyes on this nox’s horn and said this.

Compared with the two small horns he had in his cub form, the nox’s horns in adult form had grown a lot. The previous two small horns were very small and lovely, while the shape of the horns in adult form could be described as beautiful.


Noticing his line of sight and thinking that the youth wanted to take a closer look at the horns on his head, Ya Yi answered and then once again lowered his head a little for the youth.

Seeing the nox take the initiative to lower his head for him, Xie Luan looked at the two beautiful horns on the other’s head. Just now, something in his chest seemed to have been lightly hit again, as if he had been poked.

A very strange feeling.

Xia Luan wanted to ponder on what this feeling was, but the sensation had slipped out of his grasp two times now, he could not catch it.

It was like he was a tilting doll and something had hit his body twice. Even though it had not been enough to knock him over, it had made him rock a few times.

“I thought you had no horns in your adult form.”

After all, he had never before noticed the two horns on the nox’s head while in adult form. As Xie Luan hadn’t seen them, he had assumed that he didn’t have any.


Ya Yi said this word in a very flat tone. The voice of the other was so low and indifferent that it sounded as if he was not talking about his own body.

Because they were useless, the horns could be hidden in adult form, there was no need for them to show.

However, after saying this, the nox looked at the youth in front of him and added, “They’re useful now.”

The youth wanted to see, so they were useful.

Hearing this, the expression on Xie Luan’s face slightly changed. He could more or less understand what the other wanted to convey and was inevitably somewhat moved.

The nox had thought that he wanted to see them, so he had intentionally made the horns come out. When he had thought that he wanted to touch it, he had also moved his tail closer for him.

It was the simplest and most direct way to express affection, but Xie Luan did not know how to handle it. He felt that this nox’s behavior was very cute, so he simply raised his hand to touch the other’s silver hair.

After stroking the soft silver of this nox, Xie Luan glanced at the thick stack of resumes on the desk and felt that he really had to start working.

He did not pause to say anything, just directly picked up and opened the first resume. Looking down at the youth reading through the file, the nox changed back to his cub form and returned to the youth’s lap.

Snuggling close to his body, the nox with his two small little horns, peacefully rested on his lap, a low purr coming from his throat.

Listening to this low purr, Xie Luan lifted his hand to touch the nox’s back while simultaneously looking over the resume. After doing this, he heard the purr from the nox’s throat become more distinct.

It was not interesting to look at the resumes. However, Xie Luan took this very seriously and read through the thick resumes carefully. Once finished, he could not resist covering his mouth and letting out another yawn.

Having chosen a few people from those who passed the interview and had good resumes, Xie Luan stacked their files together and then rested his head on his arms on the desk, ready to close his eyes for a moment.

Interviewing for most of the day, then reading through a lot of resumes… today had been quite tiring.

Closing his eyes to rest, he accidentally fell asleep. Xie Luan’s breathing gradually slowed down and became lighter, the nox on his lap moved his ears slightly, then returned to his adult form again.

He picked up the youth who was sleeping with his upper body resting on the table and stood up, wrapping his tail around his waist. Ya Yi then took the other back to his room and put him down on the bed.

When Xie Luan woke up, he found himself comfortably tucked into a bed. He was stunned at first, but when he saw the nox who was lying next to him on his pillow, watching him, Xie Luan quickly understood what had happened.

He confirmed with Xia Qi that there were no problems with the candidates he had selected. The next day, Xie Luan met the five people who came to the Yunbao Branch to officially become one of the staff.

These five had each passed the interview and were all people Xie Luan considered to have a good character. When they learned that there were a nox and muka cub in the club, their reaction did not disappoint Xie Luan.

There was of course shock and astonishment, but there was no sign of rejection.

“Do you have any questions?” Xie Luan asked Chris, who was walking over to him with an awkward expression. The other was a first-class dietitian, one of the new members at Yunbao Branch. These past days, he had been busy customizing new nutritional diets for the cubs.

“Ehm, regarding the muka, I don’t know the taste preferences when comes to cubs of the muka race. I’m a little uncertain about it, so I wanted to ask for your opinion….” Chris said, somewhat awkwardly touching the tip of his nose.

Top dietitians could perfectly balance the taste preferences of cubs when customizing nutritional meals for them. The cubs of each race had different preferences when it came to food and dietitians took this into consideration.

But there was no information when it came to muka cubs.

This was because there were very few nursing cubs in the whole interstellar which accepted muka cubs. Dietitians also did not learn anything about mukas when they studied how to customize nutritional meals.


Xie Luan thought for less than a second and answered very quickly.

“Nick likes to eat sweets stuff, right?”

Walking closer and touching the sharp forearm of the nearby muka cub, Xie Luan met the scarlet eyes staring at him and said this sentence slowly.

He remembered how when he first met the muka cub, he had fed the cub a milk candy and afterward the muka cub had immediately become very happy.

At that time, the cub had snuggled him like a good baby. Although he had used too much force, Xie Luan still knew that the muka cub was actually very good.

Hearing the youth say his name, the huge muka cub lowered his head and carefully snuggled into Xie Luan’s embrace. A low hissing sound came from his throat.


Chris stared blankly at this scene, it took a long time for him to answer.

Mukas were a violent and barbaric race, this was widely recognized in the interstellar.

Even a cub could not be good when it came to the muka people, but the present situation directly broke Chris’s assumption.

This muka cub seemed very obedient, even though he looked quite dangerous and possessed a lot of attack power, there was no denying that the cub indeed behaved very well. Especially when facing the youth, he looked like a good cub listening to his parent.

He couldn’t carry the big cub, but Xie Luan opened his arms and tried his hardest to give the muka cub a hug.

The muka cub hugged by the youth tilted his head and his vertical pupils contracted slightly, he issued a low hissing sound again. This was the cub’s way to express happiness.

Several months passed in a blink of an eye and the second month after recruiting new employees, Yunbao Branch applied for the Star Alliance assessment. The month after their application had been successfully processed, Xia Qi received an assessment notice sent by the Star Alliance Nursing Association.

“Personnel will be dispatched to Yunbao Branch within a week for an on-the-spot assessment. We hope you will be prepared. Wishing you the best and that your club will get outstanding results in this assessment.”

Xia Qi seemed to all of a sudden be unable to sit still and abruptly stood up from her seat. There was some tension clearly visible on her face.

A staff meeting definitely had to be held. Having read the experiences shared by other people on the starnet, Xia Qi went over the main points to the other members of the club.

“We have all heard it several times now. Xiao Qi, ah, just mention it and I think they can already quickly recite it by heart.”

Zarad picked up the glass on the table and said this somewhat helplessly.

Xia Qi choked on her words for a while, she then said, “By the way, the combat instructor in the club also needs to be assessed by the Star Alliance personnel. Remember to shave your beard, ah, pay attention to your image!”

Zarad almost spat out the mouthful of water that he had yet to swallow. He opened his mouth, but was not able to make a sound for a long time.

He had to be assessed by the Star Alliance personnel as well?? Even if there were people who joined the Star Alliance and still did not know him. He feared that it would be very difficult to find that handful of people in the whole Star Alliance and for them to be the ones sent over was even less likely…

Translator’s note:

Haha, Zarad seems to be in some trouble, will he finally be found out? (^.^)

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