CRA Chapter 56 – part 1

General Zarad

Zarad’s way of thinking was not arrogant. New people who joined received ideology classes to deepen their understanding of the Star Alliance.

In this ideology course, the seniors who were in charge of this guiding task would also flatter…. No, praise, those who had made outstanding contributions to the Star Alliance.

As luck would have it, he happened to be one of them.

So, unless there were new people who hadn’t paid attention in class, there was hardly anyone in the Star Alliance who didn’t recognize him.

Seeing the bitter expression appearing on Zarad’s face after hearing her words, Xia Qi could not help letting out a laugh and said, “Don’t be afraid, the people sent by the Star Alliance won’t eat you.”

The troubled look on his face did not ease up. Still trying to console him, Xia Qi patted the other on the shoulder and sincerely said, “I haven’t told you which day it is yet. You still have a few days to work hard to process it and tidy yourself up.”

Zarad: “…” What was wrong with a man having some facial hair? Zarad touched the beard covering his chin and thoughtfully twisted a piece between his fingers. He refused to admit that the reason he had not shaved was because he was too lazy.

Having worked for more than half a year at the nursing club, Zarad had received Xie Luan’s spiritual counseling during this period and his powers had already been restored to about half.

Although it was getting close to the end of the one year span they had agreed on at that time, Zarad was increasingly convinced that there was nothing wrong with life here.

It was true that the interstellar was now in a time of peace. No major wars had taken place these recent years, even minor ones were relatively rare. It could be said that the situation between the different races was very stable.

On top of that, with the Star Alliance playing its role well, Zarad believed that this peace could last for a very long time and that all races in the interstellar may welcome in a golden era of prosperity.

Since it was like this, Zarad felt that he did not need to return to the Star Alliance.

When he took the initiative to retire from the military, the higher-ups in the Star Alliance wished for him to stay and had gone to great lengths to urge him to, which turned out to be all in vain. In the end, they had promised that he could be reinstated at any time after he restored his ability.

In the eyes of the higher-ups, even without Zarad’s ability, his battle experience made him an asset and he could still be of big use if he remained at Star Alliance headquarters. Not to mention his importance as the spiritual leader of the Star Alliance.

However, Zarad had been very down when he lost his ability and was unable to get over the obstacle in his heart. He had been determined to leave.

After two years of depression, Zarad had still not given up looking for ways to recover his powers. And finally, he did. Joining Yunbao had been a great turning point in his life.

Merely a little more than half a year at Yunbao Branch and Zarad’s mentality had already changed a lot. More and more of his old authoritative air returned.

At Yunbao Branch, he currently spent his days teaching the cubs basic battle and his life was very carefree.

He didn’t have to pay attention to his image all day long as he did in the army. He could just be himself, more or less.

The sour expression that had unwittingly appeared on his own face, unexpectedly, after a moment Zarad clearly understood the reason behind it.

They’re coming, so let them come, right?

Seeing Zarad’s expression improve, Xia Qi nodded to him again. “En, don’t be afraid, it’s going to be fine. When the time comes just behave well and do what you always do.”

Giving her a slight glance through the corner of his eyes, Zarad absentmindedly hummed a response.

Actually, what Zarad wanted to say was that if anyone was to be afraid, then it was those people who would be afraid of him. Ironically, in a roundabout way, that was what made him afraid of them, if anything.

But this could not be said, Zarad could only endure it.

Whatever should come, would eventually come. At Yunbao Branch everyone was tensely waiting. Three days later, the field assessors sent by the Star Alliance arrived at Gaia.

The dispatched personnel for the on-site assessment of the nursing clubs was a fixed five-member team, this was to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the assessment. The final result of the assessment was an average of the five scores given by each member of the team.

Five assessors, wearing Star Alliance uniforms, walked into Yunbao Branch. Lead by the one in the middle they appeared quite disciplined.

When conducting a field assessment of a nursing club, the very first thing to examine was of course the various facilities of the club. What kind of living and learning environment a club could provide for the cubs was undoubtedly a vital part of the assessment that accounted for a big part of the score.

Entering through the gate, you could see the whole environment of the club. Although the outdoor space did not resemble the other clubs’, which had both newly constructed fountains and sculptures, it could be seen that the flowerbeds and lawns on both sides of the road had been finely pruned into a relatively unique shape which had an artistic feeling to it.

“This way, please.”

Translator’s note:

Xia Qi really does not seem to like that beard, haha. This isn’t even the first time, she also unintentionally traumatized Zarad when they first met by looking him over and sighing.

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