CRA Chapter 56 – part 2

Once the assessors were nearly finished observing the outdoor environment, Xia Qi spoke out as appropriate and offered to show them the way. She then proceeded to lead the assessment team to the cub house and the ocean simulation area.

The leader of the team nodded, his expression was still very normal.

At every nursing club, the staff was always very attentive to their needs. The people in the assessment team kept a straight face, they had since long become used to this kind of excessive politeness.

Compared to the previous clubs they had assessed, the buildings at this club were actually relatively few. But as the main facilities were there, the assessors did not regard this as something to deduct a point over, however there were no bonus points either.

Walking into the cub house, the people of the assessment team were somewhat surprised by the configuration of the place.

Based on the surrounding environment, the standard of the cub house seemed to unexpectedly be very high and did not fall short when compared to that of a first class nursing club.

After a quick tour of the cub house, the assessment team went to the ocean simulator area and then once more returned to the cub house to inspect the living situation of the cubs.

How well the cubs in the club were doing was also an important part of the assessment and it could easily be seen by observing the cubs’ behavior.

In the living room, there was a huge muka cub playing with the other cubs. The assessors had been stunned when they first saw it, now that they were back, they still felt it a little unfathomable.

“Why did you choose to take in a muka cub?” One of the people on the assessment team asked Xie Luan this question.

He did not have any objections, it was just that he had never before come across a nursing club that took in muka cubs. Like many people, he subconsciously felt that there was no need to nurse muka cubs.

Mukas was a very ferocious race and the cubs were just as fierce. Unlike the cubs of other races, they did not need to be cared for by adults, they could survive just fine on their own.

Hearing this question, Xie Luan could not stop his eyebrows from wrinkling slightly. He knew that he could not blame the other for saying this because of the widespread belief that existed in the interstellar regarding the muka people, but still…

“He is also a cub.”

Not giving much of an explanation, Xie Luan ultimately merely said this sentence in a declarative tone.

He also needed to be nursed and cared for, he also needed to be treated with kindness. Muka cubs would behave well after being treated gently, they were not as fierce as many people imagined.

Facts could be more convincing than words. Xie Luan extended a hand towards the muka cub who was quietly watching him from the side and warmly called out his name, “Nick.”

The muka cub whose name was called moved quickly. He first lowered his head and then approached the youth, lightly snuggling into his arms while making a low hissing sound.

It was the first time they had seen such a scene, the people on the assessment team were stunned. They could not deny that at this moment, the muka cub really looked like…. Like a cub who needed to be taken care of by adults.

This muka cub seemed to be well cared for at this nursing club, as did the other cubs.

At the very least they could see that these cubs were very energetic. Many of them also seemed a little round and their furs and feathers looked healthy and shiny– A result of the caretakers’ diligent care and good nutrition.

The cubs’ living situation was very good. Based on what they had seen, the assessment team could only come to this conclusion.

Next was just to examine the staff of the club.

There were only two caretakers in the club who had been evaluated to be B-level, which could only be considered as meeting the minimum standard for a regular club.

However, logistics and healthcare personnel were available, there was also a first class dietitian. The staff was relatively complete.

When assessing the staff, caretakers and combat instructors accounted for the largest part of the score. They were the “faces” of the nursing club and the two key conditions parents would first look at when choosing a club for their cubs.

“There is no combat instructor in the club?” After going over all the people in the room, there was still no combat instructor, so the assessors could not help asking this question.

Xia Qi hurriedly made up for it with a smile and answered, “He should be here any second. I will go and see what is taking him so long.”

They had agreed that he would tidy up and come over, Xia Qi also did not know how it could take so long for him to cut and shave, was it really that hard to get rid of that scruff of a hairstyle?

Hearing Xia Qi say this, the people of the assessment team waited in place. However, just as Xia Qi was about to run over to rush him, the man whose name she was repeating in her heart appeared.

Having stalled outside the door, Zarad finally entered and with an expressionless face walked over to the assessors sent by the Star Alliance. Apart from a slight waver of his eyes, he looked very serious.

Seeing the person coming in through the door, the whole assessment team suddenly fell into silence. Every assessor had an expression of disbelief on their face, their eyes even widened.

“Ge-General Zarad—?!” It was not clear who said this. But this time, not only did the assessment team fall silent, the staff of Yunbao Branch also had stupid expressions on their faces.


Translator’s note:

The suspense~ Will they finally find out or will Zarad lie his way out of it?

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