CRA Chapter 75 – part 1


As this was the day Morrison would report for his official first day at work, Xie Luan wanted to gather everyone to greet their new colleague. When he walked into the living room early in the morning, he found that several people were already there.

And as he entered the house a bit more and walked into the hallway, Xie Luan saw a scene near the hall that left him utterly amazed.

A few different colored fluffy cubs were fluttering their wings, flying in midair, and standing near these feathery balls of fluff was the much bigger laili cub who was trying to follow suit.

The cub exerted effort to repeatedly wave his small flippers on both sides of his body like the other cubs and, then, took off with the nearby kuthi and kuwei cubs. While flapping his flippers up and down, Laili called out in happiness from time to time.

“…” Having just seen a plump little penguin fly in the air, Xie Luan raised his hands and rubbed his eyes to confirm that there wasn’t anything wrong with them. The astonishment on his face could not help but become more obvious.

Laili cubs do not have the ability to fly. Xie Luan remembered he had read this in the cub encyclopedia. From just looking at the laili cub’s body structure, it was clear that the pair of small flippers should not have been able to bear the cub’s weight.

Xie Luan raised his head and looked at the laili cub. Although he tried very hard to wave his flippers up and down, the laili cub’s speed could obviously not compare to the small fluffy cubs next to him. Xie Luan could still clearly see the flippers’ appearance as they moved up and down. 

How in the world could he fly… It was difficult for the others to ignore Xie Luan standing there with a foolish look on his face. Zarad, who had come to the living room earlier than him, walked over and patted him on the shoulder. Once Xie Luan looked over at him, Zarad raised his hand and pointed at Morrison holding a steaming cup of tea nearby, saying, “Don’t you all know that this guy’s ability is gravity manipulation? He used his ability so the cub would be able to fly.”

It wasn’t actually flying, it was more accurate to say he was floating up. And as the laili cub waved his flippers to generate a bit of momentum, his weightless body looked like it was flying forward.

After hearing the explanation, Xie Luan’s face only then showed some understanding.

However, to accurately control it continuously like this for several dozens of minutes at a time also consumed a lot of spiritual energy.

Without saying this, Zarad took a quick look at the man sitting at the table. Although the other was not showing it on his face as he stirred his tea, he was actually continuously using his variant ability on the laili cub.

If he had not seen it with his own eyes, Zarad truly would not have imagined that the man whom he once worked with in the military would become such a pampering parent.

“Ji, Gu-Ji~” The young and clear call went from being far away to close. Xie Luan raised his eyes just in time to see the fluffy laili cub fly over and crash into his chest. After having his head patted, the cub then flew over and landed in Morrison’s arms.

Following this, the other three little fluffballs who were flying together with the laili cub, flew into Xie Luan’s arms and were now softly rubbing their sharp, light colored beaks against his fingers.

These three cubs were the three whom Xie Luan had brought to Orte for the flying competition. Xie Luan raised a hand to tidy the feathers of these small fluffy cubs. Once done, he, one by one, touched the three cubs’ soft back feathers.


Squatting in Xie Luan’s arms, the three little fluffy cubs raised their heads and looked at Xie Luan’s face with their black lucid eyes. They at once seemed especially obedient.

Xie Luan coaxed the cubs for a while, and after the three little fluffy cubs flew away from his embrace, he walked over to Morrison.

He had intentionally gathered everyone under the pretense of having them get to know their new colleague. But Xie Luan actually had something else in mind, he wanted to officially introduce the other to Ya Yi who was following him at his side.

As the other was Star Alliance personnel, Xie Luan had no intention to have Ya Yi hide from the other when Morrison had visited Yunbao branch several times before.

However, since the other had now officially joined the Yunbao branch, regarding the matter of there being a nox at their branch, Xie Luan hoped the other could come to understand and accept it.


Translator’s note:

God, my heart almost exploded. Morrison, how can you be so moe? To use your ability just so Laili would be able to fly like the other cubs. o(*>ω<*)o

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  1. Lol a flying penguin!?

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