CRA Chapter 76 – part 2

Xie Luan choked when he heard the other answer so bluntly. However, at that same time, he happened to look over and met the eyes of the nox who was attentively gazing at him.

Quiet and focused, like a dragon guarding an important treasure.

This answer obviously also surprised the saen elder. But, after all was said and done, the matter didn’t really develop like this. After a few seconds of consideration, Xie Luan said, “He and I will go together.”

From the other’s behavior, Xie Luan could at least confirm the other did not hold malicious intentions.

Why did the owner of a necklace need to be confirmed in order to have it? As it involved the nox race, Xie Luan’s subconscious reaction was that there was probably something special about this necklace that he wasn’t aware of.

But as for what specifically, he could only find out after going to the planet.

Xie Luan wanted Ya Yi to get back what belonged to him, at the same time he also did not want to let go of clues related to the nox race.

Although this period of time at Yunbao branch was very happy and full of ease, Xie Luan had not forgotten the words the golden ball of light said to him at the beginning as well as the final guidance given to him.

This world has been destroyed countless times in countless different world lines. No matter how the course of events was altered, it had not affected the outcome. Xie Luan wanted to figure out what the root cause that led to this was.

He conferred Xia Qi with the powers of an acting president during his absence and roughly arranged the work for everyone for the short period of time he would be gone. After coaxing the cubs in the branch, he held the nox who had changed back to the form of a cub and walked out.

This time, instead of the commercial starship, Xie Luan used the private starship Kelái had brought to Gaia to travel between the planets. This small starship dedicated for long distance travels could be unmanned; as long as you input the specific coordinates for a destination, the starship would automatically follow the set route.

The destination this time was Chronos.

Looking at the name displayed on the virtual screen as their set destination, Xie Luan suddenly had a small realization.


In his world’s mythology, chronos was a word for time.

This world’s alien races obviously had nothing to do with his world’s culture. However, at this moment, Xie Luan remembered it apparently was the saen race’s ability to control time that made the other races afraid of offending them… The saen’s ability and Chronos… This was really too much of a coincidence.

The distance between the two planets was the farthest of any other planets Xie Luan had been to. Sitting down on the starship’s seat, Xie Luan’s head already began to nod.

Since entering the private starship, Ya Yi had changed back to his humanoid form. Seeing the human youth in the seat next to him fall asleep, his head drooping down, Ya Yi stood up and walked over. He then bent down and picked up the person, bringing him into his arms.

Sitting back down in his seat, Ya Yi adjusted the position of the youth in his arms so the latter could sleep a bit more comfortably.

The silver tail gently circled Xie Luan’s waist, and Ya Yi lowered his head to gaze at the youth who was sleeping peacefully. The pupils in his cyan eyes subsequently gradually narrowed slightly, like a big cat whose jaw was scratched.

It seemed like as long as he could guard him, he would feel happy. The tip of the nox’s tail raised slightly, reflecting his emotions.

Xie Luan didn’t know how long he had slept. He seemed to have woken up once in the middle of his nap and vaguely felt the tail around his waist, but fell back asleep as his posture had been very comfortable. In that moment, he had only awoken in a haze and fallen asleep within seconds.

When he opened his eyes again, Xie Luan realized that he was being held by someone. The nox, acting as his cushion, had also taken a rare nap, but even during this short rest, the other still had his silver tail circled around his waist.

If he moved, the other would probably immediately wake up.

After opening his eyes and pondering on it for a while, Xie Luan finally gave up on moving.

It took nearly four days to reach the destination. As he was getting off the private starship, Xie Luan saw a very fantasy-tinted scene.

Two moons.

A round plain moon and a round purple moon, hanging opposite sides of the sky.

The two moons looked very big, and it was hard for newcomers not to pay attention to this wonder.

Attracted to this fantastic scene, it took a while before Xie Luan’s gaze finally moved to the towering building in the horizon.

The building itself was like a huge old clock, but there was only one hand on this clock, and the hand pointed to letters instead of numbers.

α, β, γ… The hand on the clock had, from the beginning to end, been still on α. Xie Luan looked at the huge clock in the distance, he was a bit enthralled by it.

This huge clock that occupied such a conspicuous position must have a special function or significance to the saen race——


Translator’s note: 

Though it may not look exactly like this, I really got this kind of vibe:

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