CRA Chapter 77 – part 1

Kissing the horn

After coming to this fantasy-like planet, Xie Luan could see, from how the locals behaved, that the elder who brought them to this planet had a very high status among the saen people.

Unlike the other races that had an established parliament or a reigning emperor, the saen race had Prophets who held the leading positions, and Kelái was one of the saen’s three current prophets.

Aside from the prophets, there were also priests whose statuses were higher compared to the ordinary saen people. In their everyday life, all the ordinary people seemed to have a lot of reverence for the priests and prophets.

For instance, as Xie Luan followed the elder, every time they passed by a saen, he would see the other lean slightly forward, bow their head, and place their right hand behind their back to salute him.

“Does that huge clock over there have any special importance?” Curiosity led Xie Luan to ask this as they walked towards it. Their destination happened to be in the same direction as this building.

The huge clock-like building appeared to be very old. The motionless clock hand was wrapped with several twisting green plants, blending harmoniously with the nature around it.

“That is a creation left by the ancient ones, our ancestors.”

The prophet walking in front raised his head, his dark blue eyes gazed at the huge clock in the distance, “When a certain special person touches this clock, unpredictable things will happen, such as… reaching another world.”

“——” Xie Luan suddenly stopped in his steps.

Perceiving that the sounds of footsteps had suddenly stopped, Kelái turned his head to look at the two following behind him. When he saw the expression on the youth’s face change, he couldn’t help but smile, “Of course this is purely a mere tale turned hearsay. Our people have touched the clock countless times over the years, and no abnormal phenomenon has occurred. When it comes to it’s significance, it is more to commemorate the ancient ones.”

Also noticing the expression on Xie Luan’s face, Ya Yi said the name of the youth next to him in a low voice, “Ah Luan?” Something suddenly connected, Xie Luan stood in place for quite a while without responding.

Time ability, another world— The golden ball, who had established a link between him and this world, had said they had gone back to the past many times and tried to alter it in order to change the outcome of the future, but had failed without exception.

The original words weren’t like this, however, the same general information could be inferred. No matter how you looked at it, the other’s ability to go back to the past as well as reaching another world overlapped with the two things Xie Luan had caught just now.

The golden ball of light, Xia Zuo, could they be a member of the saen race? At this moment, Xie Luan came up with this very strong idea.

“It’s nothing.”

Xie Luan first shook his head and responded, then turned his gaze to the grayish blue skinned elder next to him, and said, “In the saen race, is there anyone by the name of—”

It was as if there was suddenly something stuck in his throat. When he tried to say “Xia Zuo”, Xie Luan’s voice stopped abruptly, and there was no way to go on speaking.

Unable to wait for the words to follow, Kelái cast a puzzled look at the other, but patiently continued to assume the role of a listener.


Xia Zuo.

He could not say it. After repeatedly trying several times, Xie Luan at last gave up.

“I suddenly forgot the name.”

Xie Luan hastily waved his hand, showing an apologetic expression to the person in front.

Kelái nodded to indicate he didn’t mind, then turned around and continued to lead the two to his residence.

It was already night now, and it was soon time to rest. Since he had brought the outsiders to their planet, he should always do his utmost to maintain his duty as the host.

In order to not seem strange, Xie Luan continuously controlled his expression along the way, keeping his usual appearance.

Why was it that every time he wanted to say the name “Xia Zuo”, it was as if there was an invisible force obstructing him… This seemed to be an enforced prohibition, he couldn’t reveal any information related to Xia Zuo.

He couldn’t figure out the answer for the time being. The only thing Xie Luan could be relatively certain about right now was that Xia Zuo was connected to the saen race, if not, he really couldn’t find a second race that met the requirements.

Kelái’s residence was not far away. Although he was a revered prophet with high status in the race, his residence was not luxurious. He arranged a guest room for the two of them.

“What is the specific method of confirmation, can you tell us now?” They had already come to this planet, Xie Luan felt they should have the right to know.

This time Kelái did not answer in a roundabout way, but nodded and told them the method, “It’s very simple, he just needs to personally touch the soulstone in the temple.”

“The soulstone can reflect the essence of a person.”

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