CRA Chapter 78 – part 1


The Temple of Kanya was the place where the prophets and numerous priests of the saen race conducted prayer and perception everyday. For the saen race, it was the most solemn and sacred place on their planet.

There was an opening at the top of the temple’s dome. Light would penetrate through the aperture, allowing a beam of light to appear in the temple hall.

Enveloped in this circle of shimmering light was an altar on a high platform. Placed upright on the altar was an open book made of jade-like stone.

It was the central part of the temple, and also the heart of ​​the whole temple. The three prophets of the saen race were all present. There were also many priests and scholars moving about inside the temple, in the middle of working or conducting research.

The nox entered the temple. The energetic saen who were active in the temple, one after another, stopped moving and focused their gazes on the nox as he passed by.

“Is this the one?” Being led into the temple hall, Xie Luan raised his head and looked at the large crystal floating above.

The crystal had irregular shape, and was colorless and translucent. It was encircled by a golden ring and ever so slightly floated up and down in a rhythmic pattern.

One of the three elders on the high platform nodded at him in answer to his question. Xie Luan had not seen the elder before, but the elder was wearing a white prophet robe. Following the high-ranking priest who was responsible for leading them, Xie Luan and Ya Yi approached the stone book on the stand together.

After he approached, Xie Luan could clearly see the whole book.

The left page of the opened book was engraved with complex runes, while the right page was deeply embedded with a smaller version of the large crystal above their head.

“Just place your hand on this crystal.”

Kelái, standing together with the other two prophets, pointed to the page on the right for the two who approached.

Ya Yi stepped forward with a dull expression. Before the other could put his hand over, Xie Luan took a step forward and pulled him back. He raised his eyes and looked towards the elders in front of him, “It shouldn’t be dangerous, right?”

When lightly pulled by Xie Luan, the nox smoothly stopped in place and made no extra movements.

As soon as one of the prophets confirmed with a nod, Xie Luan let go of the hand he was holding.

“Then… go on.”

When Ya Yi turned back and met his gaze, Xie Luan nodded encouragingly.

Continuing ahead with his silver tail calmly hanging, the nox raised his right hand and placed it on the small crystal.

Almost as soon as the nox touched this small crystal, the large crystal floating above responded, and within a split-second, many golden vein-like lines appeared on the surface of the transparent crystal.

These golden lines began to flow toward each other, and in a short while, they had interwoven into magnificent runes on the crystal’s surface.

As they waited for the construction of the runes to be completed, the large crystal began to calibrate accordingly— The hand Ya Yi had placed on the right page did not move; and, as time went on, the increasing number of golden lines on the large crystal gradually changed.

The original dazzling gold gradually dimmed, and, soon after, it became a dark gold. The flow of lines then became stagnant, like silt, without the light and quick movements from before.

Seeing this scene, the three prophets who were observing nearby had already more or less come to a decision.

The soulstone was able to reflect a person’s heart. The heart was the essence of a person and this essence could not be concealed.

The lines on the crystal still continued to darken. What would ultimately happen in the end? All the saen in the hall actually felt there was no suspense.

In line with their imagination, the golden lines on the surface of the large crystal gradually became darker and darker, and finally turned completely black as expected.

The large crystal shrouded in black no longer gave people a magnificent and beautiful feeling. It hung pitch black in the air above their heads, filling them with an exceptionally heavy feeling.

According to this result, they could not give back the necklace to the other.

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      1. Well maybe because initially Yayi heart is already black because of all of the negativity he accumulated since he is in egg form, he even plan to destroy the world once he gets out of his egg before BUT because of our MC he controls it for the sake of MC because he is also living on this world but it doesn’t erase that he already turn dark.. Anyways that’s my opinion only though.. Hahaha..

        Also as the last chapters it maybe also in connection with the tattoo in him that’s growing and alive.. It maybe or he is maybe a vessel of something like the god of death or something.. Hahaha (≧∇≦)/

      2. I think, it read the heart of the nox since his birth until now. Ya Yi should be a high born in nox race, white egg and golden rune. But then just like how the egg him slowly blacken, the crystal shown truthfully his heart essence’s condition. I guess in every destroyed version world, black Ya Yi should also encounter this and took hold the ring forcefully just because they denied him. This time though, I guess Ya Yi won’t bother whether they will give the ring or not. But after it finished reading the 30 years experience, I guess the Saen prophets will change and gave what rightfully his because well, you know, LuanLuan happened 😊.

  1. Nooooooo there will be a twinkle or he will say something and ya yi will turn and the crystal (not literally) explodes with light! ✨?✨

  2. Just like how the Saen could control time, maybe the Knox race could also be reborned, reincarnated or regressed?

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