CRA Chapter 78 – part 2

It was not like this… Also watching as the large crystal changed, Xie Luan, from beginning to end, paid attention to the speck of beautiful gold that continued to remain in the center of the crystal.

He took one step closer to Ya Yi, who was still touching the right page. From this angle, Xie Luan by chance happened to see the black mark partially peeking out from behind the other’s shirt collar at the bottom of his neck. This black seemed to be of the same shade as the current color of the vein-like lines on the soulstone.

Unable to think much of anything during this short interval, Xie Luan now passively faced a pair of vertical pupils.

For the saen in this hall, the following development now unfolding before their eyes was completely beyond their expectations.

With the remaining gold in the center of the crystal as the origin, this speck of gold suddenly spread outwards at an extremely high speed. It quickly confronted the previous black, and it took only a few minutes for it to gain the advantage.

Watching this change in a daze, the three saen prophets present saw that, on the large crystal floating above, the lines on the surface of the crystal seemed to be divided into two.

One-third was black, the remaining two-thirds were gold.

This was the final result after the stabilization was over.

Seeing this result, Xie Luan’s eyebrows slightly relaxed. Then, without warning, he was encircled and pulled closer by the silver tail around his waist, the whole person was then immediately embraced by the owner of the tail.

He was hugged a little tightly; Xie Luan was somewhat unable to move. Vaguely sensing the nox’s state of mind, he raised his hand and lightly stroked the tail to appease him.

There existed an objective darkness in this nox’s heart. Xie Luan didn’t believe it could be easily erased, but he had been convinced, from the beginning, that the other would be able pass the soulstone test.

And he did, indeed, pass.

The three prophets discussed in a low voice for a while. Finally, Kelái stood up and said, “You have passed.”

He beckoned for a high-ranking priest holding a peculiarly shaped metal case to come over. Opening it himself, Kelái took out the necklace in the case and passed it to Ya Yi standing in front of him.

It was returned to its rightful owner.

Handing this extremely unusual item back to its original owner, Kelái took a deep breath. He hoped they had made the right choice.

The instance Ya Yi touched the necklace, the ring strung on the necklace seemed to have a discreet reaction.

“This ring is the key to activate a dangerous weapon. Forgive us for having to test you first.”

Since the item had already been returned, Kelái could tell them the truth about the item. For this reason, he also especially cautioned the nox, “If you want to see the thing that is hidden away in the ring, please leave the temple first.”

They naturally did as he said and walked outside, but why tell them this? The moment when Xie Luan truly saw the “weapon” the other had spoken of he at once understood.

A huge battleship, large enough to easily hide the sky and cover the earth, like a real version of Noah’s Ark. Unlike any battleship ever created by any race, this huge ark battleship was built to be very imposing and magnificent. From a certain perspective, it was even like a work of art. [1]

But while they marveled at the sight of it, the saen, who had studied this battleship, also had a profound understanding of how truly dreadful and terrifying the ark battleship was.

The top-of-the-line jump system allowed this ark battleship to easily make consecutive jumps, all while maintaining a very low energy consumption rate. The defense shield was no different from a copper wall, iron bastion; and the battleship also had a variety of other defenses that would take incalculable firepower to breach.[2]

However, what really made the saen engineers feel their scalps go numb was the core weapon of this ark warship.

According to their research, they believe this core weapon could only be used three times at most and was then consumed.

But just one charge alone had enough power to destroy a planet; not to mention three charges.

This ark battleship was, without a doubt, a great masterpiece created by the nox race, and as for its user— Only one of the nox race could utilize the ring.

Now that the ring had been returned to its original owner, it had been activated for the first time, and the ark battleship called Gaiya had truly seen the light again.

[1] – Hiding the sky and covering the earth/sun is an idiom, it means earth-shattering, omnipresent, of universal importance.

[2] – 铜墙铁壁 Copper wall, iron bastion is an idiom, it means impenetrable defense.

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