CRA Chapter 79 – part 1


Listening to the saen race’s engineers as they went into enthusiasm mode and nonstop praised how indomitable this ark battleship was, Xie Luan, together with Ya Yi, now boarded this magnificent ark battleship built like a huge fortress. Of course, he simply held an inquisitive kind of mindset.

Although the saen had previously managed to force the ark battleship to show itself, they were unable to activate it. All the research thus far had therefore been carried out while the battleship was in a dormant state.

Now that the ark battleship had been activated, the capabilities of the battleship that could not be discovered when it was in an inactive state would clearly be revealed.

With permission to board the activated ark battleship, the saen engineering team almost immediately entered a highly focused state as they resumed their research .

They especially studied the battleship’s defensive array and energy shield. After exploring them to their satisfaction, the saen engineers thought from the bottom of their hearts that this ark battleship could be called an invincible obstacle.

In addition to the core weapon that could destroy a planet with one blow, the ark battleship was loaded with other weapons which also made the battleship possess extremely powerful firepower. For the enemy, this ark battleship was undoubtedly a nightmare-like existence.

Walking through the hallways of this ark battleship, the first thing that came into Xie Luan’s mind was actually a very unconventional idea— The ark battleship was so big, yet both so convenient to move and store. If Ya Yi was willing, in the future, wouldn’t it be very easy to take the cubs at their branch to other planets for fun during the holidays? There would be no need to book tickets for a commercial starship, they could directly take this private starship… But the size of this ark battleship was really too big, going to other planets may lead to misunderstandings and chaos.

The above thoughts hurriedly swept passed. Xie Luan and Ya Yi, who were following close at his side, walked into the battleship’s command room. Going over to the nearby round table, Xie Luan touched one of the control panels.

For what purpose did the nox race create this ark battleship? This matter could no longer be traced back, but combining the few things he learned since arriving at this planet, Xie Luan felt that he might have vaguely come across some of the truth.

He had asked Prophet Kelái about the matter of the nox race. Xie Luan was very concerned about the fact that the nox race had said “there is no time”.

The golden ball of light that made him establish a link with this world said it had tried to go back to the past and kill the root cause of the destruction of the world, but even so, the future of this world still leads to destruction.

What Xia Zuo believed to be the root cause of the destruction of the world was Ya Yi. Xie Luan knew this from the final guidance given to him by the other, and from analyzing that, he could come up with very contradictory conclusions.

Ya Yi had done things to destroy the world in other parallel world lines. This must indeed be true, perhaps this was also the end of most world lines.

Then why was it that, after Xia Zuo returned to the past and killed the other, the world was still destroyed. Combining all known information, Xie Luan could now only arrive at the most rational answer— The one Xia Zuo believed to have caused the destruction of the world may be wrong. The root was not Ya Yi, but may be another enemy that lurks in the shadows.

And this enemy was, most likely, what caused the nox race to say “there is no time.” The nox race at that time may have said this because of what they found…

Seeing as the saen engineering team was enthusiastic, Ya Yi did not have the ark battleship resume its inactive state for the time being, and agreed to let the former continue to study it for a few days.

With that kind of speculation, Xie Luan naturally felt a growing sense of crisis in his heart.

Within the interstellar, the one closest with the nox race was the saen race. He hoped to use his words to convince the latter to believe him, at least to keep the other vigilant.

Thinking about how to make it sound more reasonable, Xie Luan had been mulling over what to say all day, luckily they were not in a hurry.

It was a rare trip to Chronos. While considering what to say in his heart, Xie Luan also followed Prophet Kelái, who had volunteered to be their guide, on a tour around the city. The place they now arrived at was the very first building Xie Luan noticed when he came to the planet— A large clock with its clock hands stopped.

Observing the nearby clock, Xie Luan increasingly felt the peculiarities of this large clock, it was not only the appearance, but also another unfounded feeling

At this time, Xie Luan remembered that the saen prophet, who was acting as a tour guide for them, had said that when a certain person touched this clock, unpredictable things would happen, such as reaching another world.

Although the other later said it was just hearsay, since they had all come to this place, of course Xie Luan, like other people who had heard the story, was particularly interested in touching this large clock.

“I’ll go and give it a try.”

Saying this to Ya Yi, who was following at his side, Xie Luan approached the large building not far away.

Stopping below the large clock, Xie Luan stretched out his hand and touched it where he could reach.

This touch seemed to activate a certain mechanism.

Xie Luan, himself, still hadn’t sensed it. After touching the clock, he turned and prepared to go back.

When he turned around, Xie Luan saw the nox who had been obediently standing not far away suddenly teleport towards him, and the silver tail seemed anxious to encircle him.

Seeing the nearby pair of pupils that had tightened into a thin line, Xie Luan reflexively wanted to raise his hand and lightly touch the nox’s silver hair to soothe him.

But while thinking this, Xie Luan discovered he had lost his ability to move. He didn’t know what in the world was happening.

From the perspective of other people, it looked like Xie Luan was being sucked in by the large clock, and as the youth faded away, the hands that had been stationary for many years seemed to tremble slightly on this ancient clock.

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What comes next is so exciting!!!

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