CRA Chapter 81 – part 2

Afterward, as if to confirm something, Xie Luan listened to the mermaid repeatedly calling out, “Papa, Papa!” several times. Although he was obviously already fully grown, Xie Luan felt like he was seeing a particularly insecure little mermaid.

He lowered his head and lightly pressed against the youth’s shoulder. Because he was no longer a cub, the mermaid could not nest in the youth’s arms, he could only get as close as possible like this.

The ice-blue fins beside the mermaid’s ears moved lightly. After observing for a bit, Xie Luan came to the conclusion that this should represent a happy mood, just like when the cub moved his tail.

Stroking the soft blond hair while sitting in this position, Xie Luan found that the mermaid who leaned his head on his shoulder seemed a little sleepy. The light swaying of his ear fins gradually slowed, but the mermaid was still trying hard to keep his eyes open.

“Go to sleep.”

Xie Luan coaxed, making his voice soft.

Although his shoulder was a little sore from being leaned on and pressed against, Xie Luan had no desire to push him away at this moment.

Waiting for the mermaid to close his eyes, Xie Luan lightly hummed the melody of a lullaby.

In this way, the mermaid would be able to rest well, right?

Enduring the sore feeling in his shoulder, Xie Luan didn’t make any big movements.

Soon falling asleep in the peaceful environment created by the youth, Gale had a dream.

In his dream, he had been living in a small wooden bucket. Occasionally, when the water in the bucket needed to be changed, he would be severely rebuked for thrashing his tail in distress and making the caretakers’ clothes wet.

The first cub raising branch he stayed at was forced to shut down within a few years due to a lack of money.

The conditions of the branches he later transferred to were also similar, he was only given a small wooden bucket to stay in. At those branches, there wasn’t normally anyone who would specifically come over to see him.

There was no way for him to move around at will, the mermaid cub who still couldn’t speak stayed quietly in the small water filled wooden bucket. The little mermaid was slowly growing up. Finally, one day, the time to shed his scales came, and the first scale fell.

The little mermaid instinctively grasped the first scale and carefully put it away, he wanted to give the first scale to a parent for safekeeping. And so the mermaid cub began to wait.

But no matter how much he waited, that long awaited person never came.

Gradually, he stopped waiting.

He felt like he had a long dream. When Gale opened his eyes, he could still feel a soft touch on his head.

“Woken up?” Hearing this warm and relaxed voice, Gale’s mind became very clear at this moment.

It was not a dream, what happened was real, yet the reality he was actually experiencing now was truly like a dream… It was so beautiful that there was a kind of surreal unrealness.

The ark battleship was currently moving through space. Xie Luan was not only arranged to live on this battleship, but also received the right to move around freely on this ark battleship.

The freedom included the right to access places that were established as restricted areas.

The right to freedom of movement, the soldiers on the ark battleship heard that it was approved by their commander himself. With this development, the soldiers on this battleship were now all somewhat astounded.

Especially the dozen or so low-ranking soldiers who had pointed their guns at the youth in the beginning; all inevitably became a little nervous the moment they heard of this.

He was obviously an intruder, so why was their second-in-command and commander, both, all of a sudden attaching such special attention to the intruder?? And this kind of significance was also not the kind placed on the enemy… The read memories could only be shared with one person a day. Today, Gale had just shared the memories with the expressionless nox sitting in the master seat, hence the current situation.

Having received the right to move around freely, Xie Luan left the room, at last walking through the hallways without having guns pointed at him by the soldiers.

On this ark battleship was an entire huge legion. Whether it was the ark battleship or the legion itself, both possessed the ability to destroy a planet.

The former did indeed half-destroy a planet soon after, and the half-destroyed planet was Hailumite.

Xie Luan walked past halls filled with soldiers. When he reached the third hall, he began to see many muka soldiers appearing in it.

The adult muka at the head of the muka army was particularly tall, and the forearm seemed to have suffered a serious injury in the past. Although it had healed, there was still a distinct trace left on the hard shell.

The small black mark on the tip of the muka´s injured left forearm was close to a diamond shape. It was impossible to see if you didn’t look carefully, but Xie Luan was very familiar with this mark.


Even though he knew the muka cub’s name may not be Nick in this world, Xie Luan still breathed the name in a low voice at this time.


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