CRA Chapter 82 – part 1


To most of the people on this ark battleship, Xie Luan was originally someone who needed to be arrested and interrogated through coercive means. Although he now suddenly had the right to move around freely, in their eyes, he was still someone whose identity was unclear.

As Xie Luan passed by, the surrounding soldiers who saw him all, one by one, slightly narrowed their eyes.

He did indeed seem to be a human with little combat power, however, the other had been able to stealthily infiltrate Gaiya, they didn’t even know when the other had snuck in.

Although they were not present in the main hall at the time, after yesterday’s arrest, what transpired in the battleship’s main fall quickly spread. Now all soldiers on the battleship basically knew what happened.

After receiving medical care, the two low-ranking soldiers with minor frostbite on their hands came out with horror on their faces and described the scene they had witnessed. Merely listening to their descriptions, the soldiers could also almost feel the impact of the scene at that time.

It was hard to imagine that the second-in-command, someone completely cold, and basically no less unapproachable than the leader in the master seat, would actually have shed tears.

Even though he did so without expression.

Their line of sight subconsciously moved along with the passing youth, watching him; the eyes of the soldiers in the third hall suddenly widened slightly.

They saw the youth walk towards the place where the mukas had gathered.

These scarlet eyed mukas not only had terrifying appearances, but also fairly terrifying combat power. Regardless whether in battle mode or not, they were all very fierce and dangerous.

A human being who didn’t even have the ability to escape dared to walk over like this. To everyone present, it seemed that he was truly quite courageous.

Xie Luan approached the tallest muka and stopped in front of him.

Because they couldn’t advance to a humanoid form, there was not a big difference between the muka’s appearance during the cub period and the adult period. The most distinct difference was the size.

Even when facing the muka cub, Xie Luan already needed to raise his eyes a little bit to look at the cub. Now facing the grown-up Nick, Xie Luan had to raise his head when looking at the other.

A human and an adult muka. Standing together, the contrast was very strong in other people’s eyes. The adult muka was huge, in contrast the human youth standing in front of this muka seemed frail.

The memories had yet to be shared. To this already adult muka, the youth before his eyes was a complete stranger.

Cold and fierce scarlet eyes stared fixedly at the youth who approached. The youth had no fighting capability. The innate battle instinct of his race let this adult muka judge this with a glance.

As he got closer, Xie Luan could see the trace on the sharp forearm of the muka more clearly.

The scar was very long, extending almost all the way to the joint. In Xie Luan’s eyes it was particularly glaring.

But there was no time to pause. After approaching, Xie Luan saw some small cuts on the sharp forearm that had yet to heal.

Not thinking much, Xie Luan’s first reaction was to search for his space button.

Seeing this action, some of the surrounding soldiers were still reflexively a bit on guard, but when they saw the thing the youth took out from the space button, everyone present all blanked.

Household…treatment equipment? In addition, it appeared to be an old model from decades ago. Such an old device, what did the other want to do with it? If the youth’s action of taking out the treatment equipment from the space button was said to be unexpected, then the youth’s next action really left them dumbfounded.

The muka that the youth had approached was the commander of their entire legion’s vanguard. The vanguard was mainly composed of muka personnel.

At this point they didn’t know whether it could be said he had courage or a death wish. The soldiers present saw the youth’s hand directly touch the sharp forearm of the muka.

Meeting the pair of scarlet eyes that were fixed on him, Xie Luan stretched out his hand a little bit. It was not his first time doing this, he knew how to make it easier for the muka to know he did not hold malicious intentions

The moment Xie Luan truly made contact with the sharp forearm, the adult muka visibly moved, and the pupils in the scarlet eyes contracted slightly.

It was very dangerous, most people would probably have already retreated at this time. But Xie Luan merely lightly patted this sharp forearm to placate him, of course avoiding the wounds.

The small cuts didn’t look deep, this made Xie Luan relax a bit.

However, recalling the strong defense of the muka race’s bodies, the wounds also showed that he had withstood what others would have regarded as a considerable degree of attacks, this caused Xie Luan to furrow his eyebrows again.


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