CRA Chapter 63 – part 2

Many thanks to anon for the coffees~ 💕  Here is the mysterious part 2 of chapter 63. I have also made an attempt at a short story, I don´t know how good it is but if you want to read it, click here. Love you guys~ Merry Christmas! ^^

CRA Chapter 60

Many many many thanks to Mrow for the coffees!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Sorry that it’s a few hours late, I pulled an all-nighter so that I could do a whole chapter. (so technically my Friday hasn't ended yet, cough, it only works if you don't think about it too much.) If you haven’t heard, I will be … Continue reading CRA Chapter 60

CRA Chapter 58

Many thanks to Jessie for the coffees, you're amazing! (^з^)-☆ On another note, remember Halloween last year, when I made that short story with those cute pics? I had a really hard time finding out who made them, it turns out they were from t-shirts! There are also plushies to go with them that are … Continue reading CRA Chapter 58

CRA Chapter 57

Happy Halloween! Many thanks to Jessie for the coffees~ 💕 For some reason, Halloween is my favorite holiday. I guess I have a lot of good memories from it, let's see, there is candy, candy, candy, being chased by an angry mob, candy, candy, the amazing feeling of adrenaline, candy, superhero moment, candy, spite lollipop-- … Continue reading CRA Chapter 57