CRA Chapter 74

I’m... back! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° My hiatus has officially ended, thanks to everyone for being so patient. I have rested up and acquired something rare during my break, a super-duper, completely amazing, and totally awesome proofreader/editor, please welcome Kimchibaby gonesour! She has done a great job editing this chapter, and speaking of, here is chapter 74~

Summer hiatus

I have pretty much recovered from the persistent illness, but my energy levels are very low. Right now I’m struggling to finish in time and each week it seems to take longer and longer. If I continue like this, not only the speed but also the quality of the translation as well as my health … Continue reading Summer hiatus

CRA Chapter 72 – part 1

Many many many thanks to Jessie for the coffees!! ??? Still a bit sick with the occasional fevers and some cold symptoms, but my healthy(?) body has not failed me, like always, low but prolonged suffering it is, haha.... Anyway, here is part 1 of chapter 72~