CRA Chapter 37 – part 2

Maybe because the mermaid cub had concentrated and put in a lot of effort to solidify the ice crystal, Xie Luan did not notice any sign of it melting.

It was a bit cold to hold the ice crystal in his hand and it had already started becoming numb. Xie Luan hesitated, then put the ice crystal in his pocket under the watchful eyes of the mermaid cub.

The ice crystal would probably melt, but until that happened, he would bring this gift with him.

“Can Gale do it again, the way you wrote this word just now?” The little mermaid grabbing his trouser, looked up and listened attentively as the youth slowly asked this.

The mermaid cub had without a doubt developed an ability, there was no question about it. However, Xie Luan remembered something Xia Qi had mentioned before—

That the mermaid race used singing as a medium for their power.

Regarding this, when Xie Luan went onto the starnet and did some follow-up research to make up for his lacking common sense, he had also read it.

This being the case, people would normally reverse the concept and think that a cub who could speak would not be able to use the ability.

But now, right before Xie Luan’s eyes, there was a living exception.

Responding with a low sound, the mermaid cub gently swayed his tail and temporarily let go of the cloth in his grasp.

The cub then cupped his hands to pick up some water and tried to shape it into the form he wanted. Although the writing was still crooked, once the water started taking the form he wanted, the little mermaid gradually started solidifying the water into an ice crystal.

This time the writing was not as good as the last one, but the mermaid cub still held up the crystal, presenting it to Xie Luan.

The cub had developed an ability, but he didn’t use singing as a medium. He didn’t even need to make any sounds at all during the process…

Confirming this, Xie Luan thoughtfully nodded to himself.

Seeing the little mermaid holding up the ice crystal, Xie Luan could only show a helpless smile and pick up the second crystal, placing it in another empty pocket.

After having created the second ice crystal, the mermaid cub, who had once more grabbed onto the youth’s trouser leg, felt a little sleepy. But since the youth was there, the cub was unwilling to go to sleep and gently swayed his blue tail, staying at the shore.

Noticing the sleepy look on the cub’s face, Xie Luan suddenly realized that using his ability must have consumed a lot of spiritual power.

The mermaid in front of him was still a cub, after using his ability two times it was not surprising that he became sleepy.

“Gale, be good and go to bed if you are sleepy.” Xie Luan did not remove the cub’s hand from his trousers, he only touched the cub’s short light golden hair and gently coaxed him with a warm voice.

The cub seemed to hesitate for a moment and did not let go. But once his hair was touched by the youth, he only became more and more sleepy.

Finally, the cub became so sleepy that he issued a weak sound to Xie Luan and agreed to obediently go to bed.

Swimming over to the indoor pool, Xie Luan coaxed the mermaid cub to lay down on his shell bed. Because the cub was very tired when he laid down, it did not take long before he was deeply asleep.

Seeing the mermaid cub nestling peacefully on the shell bed, Xie Luan relaxed and cast one last look at the cub before standing up.

Xie Luan had to talk to the rest of the club about the mermaid cub’s newly developed ability. When he was at it, he also needed to ask Zarad if he, in addition to basic combat, could teach the cubs how to master and use their abilities.

When it came to teaching the cubs basic battle, Zarad had actually taken the initiative to propose this himself. Although the other said that he could teach it, he hadn’t made a living off it, so how good he was and what he meant by it was still for them to see.

Having decided on a plan, Xie Luan quite rapidly gathered the staff together to discuss these matters.

“Wait, wait a minute… Ah Luan, are you saying that these two ice crystals were made by little Gale?” It was not only Xia Qi who was flabbergasted, at this time everyone present, besides Xie Luan, had a face full of surprise and disbelief.

According to the characteristics of the mermaid race, their abilities needed to be channeled through songs. A mermaid’s song was therefore very powerful and the more power contained in the song, the more powerful the ability being guided.

Normally a mermaid cub could at most develop two kinds of abilities, one was water type and the other was spiritual type.

As for this ice type——

The chance of such a variant ability existing among the mermaid race was extremely slim.


Translator’s note:

Of course! Our Gale is strong, unique and perfect!


(Is it weird that I kinda feel like a proud parent?)

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