CRA Chapter 59 – part 2

Once my life quiets down in two weeks, I have decided to do some big edits in order to improve the translation and make it more true to the original.

As you probably know, the real name of our main character is Xie Luan. When I first started translating I did not take it as seriously as I do now and I choose to use google translate’s translation of it, Xie Tao. I have long since wanted to change back as it is probably quite disrespectful to the author to change the name of the main character, but I just kept wavering. I know that you are all probably quite used to Xie Tao by now, I’m really sorry for waiting so long, I should have done it much earlier.

Starting from the next chapter, I will be using Xie Luan.

I will also be changing knox to nox, I did not know this in the beginning but the author actually named the race after the goddess of night, Nyx, which is Nox in Latin.

Once again, I apologize for the sudden changes that will be implemented in the next chapter. Here is part 2 of chapter 59.

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  1. Hello, I think to avoid confusion you should edit all the chapters, especially regarding the name of the main characters. I feel like it’s a little bit lazy if you just put a notice like this, since new readers will be confused (like me, before reading this notice).

    Sorry if you feel my comment a little bit offensive, but I do have seen many novel go through changes like this and the translator edited all previous chapters to accommodate the changes so the new readers are not confused…

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